Miyamoto: Pikmin 4 Still On-Going, But Hard To Fit On List Of Priorities

Legendary video game designer  Shigeru Miyamoto had given us a slight update on the status of Pikmin 4 which has been development for a reasonable amount of time. Mr Miyamoto says that the game is still in development but it has not been at the top of the list as presumably there’s a number of Nintendo NX titles that they’re working on.

“Yes, you are right, and we’re working on [Pikmin 4]. So, you know, when we’re in development we have to create a list of priorities and it has been hard to kind of fit that into that list, but we’re hopefully starting to see that on the list now.”



    1. Well to be fair there’s no way in hell should they put that on the Wii U. It’s justified.

    2. Pikmin 3 was “almost done” in 2011 for the series 10th but got ported to Wii U because of the graphics. It looks like the same thing is happening with Pikmin 4.

    3. No it was not a lie. Everyone has a different idea of what almost done or complete mean.

      1. I doubt it was a lie. More like they decided to port it to NX instead sometime after Miyamoto told us it was almost done. If anything, it was Miyamoto getting ahead of himself.

        1. Almost done and almost complete means something different. If I say I’m almost done fixing my car. I mean just a few things to go. I may not be done with it for 2 more years. If I say I’m almost done with my food. I mean you can take my plate in 2 mins.

          1. You do realize done & complete are synonyms, right? As one great character of the silver screen said:


            So the game was still almost complete/done. Not our fault Miyamoto jumped the gun & told us the game was almost finished when he wasn’t sure they’d release it once it was complete. Or maybe Miyamoto doesn’t know what the phrase “almost done” means in English. Or he did know what it meant & simply forgot because of his age. Or as the people defending Inafune for that “better than nothing” line, maybe it wasn’t Miyamoto’s fault & the translator said that of his/her own accord.

            1. The better than nothing line was explain and was taking out of context. It was the media that made it that way. Inafune didn’t even say it, it was the interviewer that said it. Yes, I know they are synonyms. I just wanted to put both of them since he did say it as almost complete. That has another meaning to itself as I explained with examples.

            2. When I typed “Almost done and almost complete means something different.” I meant both phrases mean something different not that both phrases have different meaning. Let me try that again. I mean almost done and the synonym almost complete mean something different to different people and was not trying to say that almost done (phrase) and almost complete (phrase) have two different meaning.Thank you for bringing that up as I didn’t explain that well in my original reply.

              1. Regardless, Miyamoto should have kept quiet about the game til it was close to release, not til it was almost done. We wouldn’t even be having this discussion right now if he’d remained silent. Hence why I said he jumped the gun. In fact, Miyamoto should have thought about the consequences of mentioning it was almost done before talking since he should know how some people in the Nintendo fanbase are. I guess he was expecting his famous quote about a delayed game to keep some people from ripping him a new one. That or this is just another example of Miyamoto being out of touch with the fanbase. :/

    4. Probably not really a lie more than it was the fact they decided to port it to the NX instead once they decided to give up on giving Wii U any meaningful games.

  1. In others words ” we have put more development time into Pikmin 4 because we are moving it to the Nintendo NX. We want to make sure that we give our consumers the ultimate Pikmin experience so we want to take advantage of the system’s hardware capabilities and unique features. We hope that our fans will stay tuned for the next Pikmin adventure, it will be one they won’t forget. ”

    Ok Miyamoto-san we understand. Make it the best game you possibly can

  2. It’s also possible that Pikmin 4 is almost done, however it’s not planned as a launch title.
    Maybe it’s planned to be a June title.
    Or maybe an April title.

    In a sense, we don’t really need more then BOTW & (some other killer 1st party title), and 3rd party games, on launch.

    Pikman 4 could be a decent title like 2-3 weeks after launch.

    1. Pikmin 3 isn’t necessarily a bad game but it’s not as great, or as long, as Pikmin 2. If anything, Pikmin 3 is extremely similar to the original Pikmin. So if you go in expecting Pikmin 2, like a lot of us did, you will be sorely disappointed. So I say get the game if you aren’t expecting too much from the game’s length. Oh & you only collect fruit. Treasure collecting is sadly an offline multiplayer mode. Yep. It’s offline multiplayer only because you know how Miyamoto is with online multiplayer.

      1. I like a game with some length to it. A Pikmin game should be so long that you get to the point where you ask yourself, ” is this over yet?”. That’s just my opinion on that, but I don’t see what it would hurt. If there’s a free play mode with expansive area’s to roam around while I’m baked, I’m down.

        1. Not sure about the multiplayer. I only played one stage of the thing and got bored. That one stage was big but it wasn’t an open field as you had to follow a set path. So if you don’t mind backtracking back and forth on a small stage, you should do fine.

  3. Looks like Miyamoto jumped the gun last year when he told us Pikmin 4 was almost done. By telling us it was almost done, he gave some of us false hope that it’d release in the next 3-6 months which makes it appear as if he was lying to some.

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