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A Girl Discovered A Dead Body While Playing Pokemon GO

A 19-year-old resident in Riverton, Wyoming named Shayla Wiggins was playing Pokemon GO when she made a disturbing discovery. She said that “the Pokemons are all over Riverton. I was trying to get a Pokemon from a natural water resource. I was walking towards the bridge along the shore when I saw something in the water. I had to take a second look and I realized it was a body. It was pretty shocking and I didn’t really know what to do at first. But I called 911 right away and they came really quickly. I was pretty scared and cried for a while”.


Thanks, John “P.E.” Scott


  1. Wow. These wild Pokémon are getting out of hand and they’ve only just been introduced a couple of days ago. That’s what you get for unleashing super powered animals upon Earth, GameFreak.

    On a more serious note, that’s… Rather concerning. At least the body was found and reported to the police, but it’s unfortunate that girl had to be the one to find it when she was just trying to play a game. Probably soured her memories of Pokémon Go for life.

    1. I mean I guess you can say whatever you want but at some point an adult should just be addressed as an adult whether they like it themselves or not.

    2. Not necessarily. If she doesn’t act like an adult, I think calling her a girl is the appropriate term to use. Just because you are of the age of an adult doesn’t mean you have the mind or maturity of one.

        1. I’m so not gonna argue semantics here. It’d be like arguing over the proper use of grammar on a chat room or something.

        2. 19 really isn’t an adult for everyone. It’s just one year above what some countries consider the legal age you can smoke and drink. Most countries consider the age of Adulthood 21. We should let people maturing normally still be considered a kid. She could still be in Secondary/High School at 19. We can’t keep letting 13 be the age kids start considering themselves adults, it doesn’t go very well. There’s no need to shoot down everyone who tells you she can still be a girl, everyone lives in different cultures.

    3. The dictionary definition says “a female child” or “a young or relatively young woman”. Either works really. I hear adults call themselves girls all the time. “I’m going out with the girls!” “It’s a girls night!” It’s all down to preference really, they’re both essentially the same thing.

    4. May I have to remind you that 19 is spelled “nineTEEN”, so she is still a teenager and therefore still a girl until she reaches the age of 20….case closed!

  2. Poor girl. She’ll never be able to play Pokemon GO again or she’ll suffer PTSD if she does play it. :/

    Sucks for the dead guy, too. Unless it was some scumbag that had it coming. :o If not and he was a very lovable and awesome guy, my apologies and condolences to the family.

    1. Maybe he was trying to catch a magic karp on pokemon go and he drowned?

      Pokemon go is going to be one of those games where people die playing. Like the ring but pokemon. Dang nintendo first givingkids seizures now murder? Must be mad about wii u sales.

      1. It’s Iwata! This game is summoning Iwata to kill people by leading them to their doom! …Too soon? :o

      2. ||We need to get rid off the weak stupid ones of course…||

  3. She found a meowth that was skipping and it said, hey 19 year old bitch, yeah you, you want to see a dead body? So she followed it and sure enough a dead body.

    Damn nintendo.

  4. whoa a dead body? it sounds like people are scared of dead bodies i think but i never notice that Shayla Wiggins discover it because i think the dead body can be found easily under the bridge because i don’t know why a dead body is under there in the first place maybe a guy or a girl or a woman perhaps died.

    1. I’m not insulting you or anything so don’t get mad but… Are you mentally challenged or whatever PC term they use these days? Serious, non judgemental question here.

  5. Honestly, this means that this game is doing what it’s supposed to, which is explore. Depressing, but I think it’s nice that this game encourages exploration.

    1. True. There is no telling how long he might have gone not being found if not for this girl. So hopefully she’ll take comfort in that. If she even has that thought in her head. Hopefully one of the cops that ultimately talked to her told her that.

  6. That has to suck hard- just trying to enjoy a walk in the woods catching Ekans and Pikachu, and ya come across a corpse. Hope she’s gonna be okay and I hope they can figure out what happened to the guy.

    “You see that guy? HE ventured out to find Ekans and Pikachu… and wound up finding a hive of Beedrill…”

    1. “I guess he was allergic to bees.”

      We’re all horrible with making jokes here. :/

  7. That’s unsettling, hopefully the discovery won’t ruin the game for her.

    Tonight on my way walking back home, I decided to take a shortcut through a forest, but the worst thing that happened to me was being divebombed by a couple of bats. Ironically, I caught a Zubat there XD.

  8. ||First we help people have fun, then help people feel excited, then help the medical/health department and now we solve murders and other deaths…||

    ||Our reach is endless…||

  9. My grandad died in a river, he was walking along the river bank one night on his own, then he had a heart attack, fell into the river and drowned. He was discovered by a dog walker the next morning. Not sure if the dog walker was a pokemon trainer :3

  10. I wonder how many people stepped in dog poo while playing Pokémon GO!
    I wonder how many people will get hit by a car playing Pokémon GO!
    I wonder how many people will walk off the Grand Canyon playing Pokémon GO?
    C’mon people!
    I once found a dead cat while talking on the phone and walking down a street.

    Pokémon GO is creating little detectives.
    This is good tho when you think about it. At least it’s getting people to move around again instead of sitting or being stationary on their phones.

  11. This was an awful coincidence. Unfortunately that’s the reality of the world meeting our virtual reality. Hopefully these types of situations don’t show up too often, not only for the player’s emotions but the deceased as well. I’m sure the deceased’s friends and family appreciate their loved one’s body being found.

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