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Kids Hospital Warns Staff About Pokemon GO Players In Restricted Areas

One of the cool things about Pokemon GO is it entices players to venture places they probably wouldn’t normally venture to. However Destructoid has picked up an email sent to staff at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital staff in Columbus, Ohio warning them that players of Pokemon GO have been trying to enter restricted areas of the hospital.


A recently released and very popular new mobile game called Pokémon Go encourages players to use their smartphones’ GPS and back-facing cameras to catch virtual Pokémon in real world locations. This game encourages kids (and adults) to roam in public places and locations in search of Pokémon characters. It has been reported that some Pokémon characters are showing up in NCH secured areas and gamers are trying to get to the characters.


Thanks, MasterPikachu6

26 thoughts on “Kids Hospital Warns Staff About Pokemon GO Players In Restricted Areas”

    1. Area 51 is scrambled on Google Maps. It’s highly unlikely that they setup spawn points near such areas. Though how fun would it be to find a Clefairy there?

  1. Lol I never imagined the problems this game could pose. It’s only a matter of time before somebody stumbles into a top secret government facility or discovers some long lost civilization.

    1. And patient dies because of outside germs. There is a reason there is a viewing room in some hospitals for people to see what’s going on in these rooms.

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  3. Voice Acting Nintendo Monarch: Lance Bulmer

    Oh for fuck sake now we will have nerds in places we dont need them and theft of phones will be up by 50% and whos to blame? The stupid idiots messing on there phones in certain areas yea the games popular but as soon as phones are swiped and then formatted and sold on people will get the message the game is not for going to places you’d get your phone stolen have some sense gamers. Hospital are where sick people are not your bits of data look on the net there’s a guy who got rare pokeymanz by not going out

      1. I hope no one is actually stupid enough to go there to catch Pokemon, though. Not unless they want to die from nuclear radiation poisoning.

          1. It’s safe to go there if you have a guide with the right equipment to detect where there is low enough levels of radiation that you can safely walk through. But as for living there on a daily basis, no chance. From what I read, it’ll be at least 20,000 years before Chernobyl is inhabitable again where you can grow food, drink water, raise livestock, etc. Whether it’s more or less than that, not sure as I’m not an expert on the matter.

          2. And according to another, the nuclear plant meltdown in Chernobyl is very different from the two places in Japan that had nuclear bombs dropped on them. Fukushima might be a different case, too, as I don’t think they were using the same type of process for nuclear power as Chernobyl.

            1. Hm, can’t argue with that. I’m no expert either, but there is probably a significant enough difference between nuclear bombs and nuclear power plants that affects how long radiation lingers.

              Still, it’s a sad thought that there’s acres and acres of land that have become uninhabitable, not because of nature, but because of dire human mistakes.

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  5. GameFreak has finally got people to go outside using Pokemon. It was through a stupid mobile game but they did it. Enjoy your adventures, pawns!

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