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Lenovo, Nintendo And Samsung Are Leading The Way On Social Media

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Social monitoring firm Brandwatch is reporting that Lenovo, Nintendo and Samsung are leading the way on social media. The companies are taking the pole position as tech favourites. The report also found that Microsoft, LG, and Apple are leading social media conversations around computers, mobile phones, and TVs. However, Nintendo and Bose are the most talked about in “audio, gaming and wearables”.

“As the consumer technology industry continues to grow and innovate, it becomes increasingly difficult for brands to stay at pace with the expectations of their customers,” said strategic accounts manager Nick Barna.

“Social media intelligence offers brands the ability to be proactive in the face of a changing market.”

  • Lenovo
  • Nintendo
  • Samsung
  •  Intel
  • ASUS
  • Microsoft
  • LG
  • Garmin
  • HTC
  • GE Appliances


32 thoughts on “Lenovo, Nintendo And Samsung Are Leading The Way On Social Media”

  1. ” Oh but Nintendo is irrelevant ”
    ” Nobody even knows Nintendo exist anymore”
    ” Who talks about Nintendo these days outside of their fanboys & fangirls? ”
    ” Nintendo is dead in people’s eyes”

    Nintendo of course shakes off the criticism and keeps going and in return both Miitomo and Pokémon GO are huge successes and Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild wins multiple awards at E3 including ” Game Of The Show ” and not to mention being the most talked about game on social media. I know the haters are salty as hell from this news and I love it LOL

    1. Miimoto is not doing well.
      Pokemon is.

      Nintendo sucks at marketing and their social network sucks. Example? NX is coming in March. Same time a brand new Xbox 1 is dropping. Miiverse is not good unless it’s for drawing. Their Twitter is OK and Instagram is trash. And Nintendo is actually dead to a lot of people right now because of the drought they have going right now. It’s been a hard 4 years, bro.

      1. They made a lot of money from Miitomo and Pokémon GO and it’s funny how you dodged my point about BOTW. Stop hating and start congratulating

        1. I dodged it because I have nothing wrong to say about it. Zelda is Zelda. I’m a die hard fan for the series. But Zelda has been meh for so long. Don’t assume things, bro. This game looks good. I want to see more of it, but on NX instead. 30FPS doesn’t sound right for this big of a game, and I’m hoping NX does 60. If not, I’ll just get the Wii U one. Skyward Sword, while not that bad of a game, was not the best in the series and was disappointed completely by what it brought. The motion plus was suppose to make it better than Twilight Princess and it doesn’t feel that way. It felt like a back tracking game with small a overworld that was locked down completely in comparison to Majoras Mask, Twilight and Ocarina. I like what this game has brought to us. But I’m still waiting to see more before it drops and I make a choice. Miitomo is trash. It’s a 4 min game that many people lose interest in really quickly.

            1. You wish it was OK. Pokemon GO was one of the BEST mobile games ever made for both Niantic and The Pokemon Company. Not to mention the fact that it’s the #1 app according to iPhone.

              1. Miimoto was number 1 in the app store. How long did that last? The game is OK. Servers are always down and you have to go through hell just to get pikachu as your starter Pokemon. It’s okay. It could be better and I’ll wait for it to be better. It will be, but it needs fleshing out and that’s okay for a first time game.

          1. Can’t argue with what you said for once…but he has a point, you should be saying “congratulations on your victory over stupid idiots”. I think they got enough criticism to reach taht point and seeing the good news at e3. Oh, there is one thing…I agree that I want to see more like you, but the big world is not going to run as you think at 60, forget it, not happening. You should know that by now about huge open world like skyrim, xenoblade chronicles x, etc. So if that is your way to play, your going in for the wrong reason then.

            1. I think Nintendo can make it run 60. Their choice to do it is another story. I don’t like Skyrim and Xeno was great, but Zelda is Zelda. What it overs in this game is different; I want different.

            1. Good luck with that shit. SickR had read these comments from me, you and others. We’re waiting for something that isn’t gonna happen. GoNintendo has one, but GoNintendo’s mods are Nazis and so is that site.

              1. Oh no no no no…waiting for the NX yes…waiting for something good to happen, already passed. Again, they received enough criticism to reach this far. I think you need to see or research more. Again, they to me have received enough critics. Now is the time to see if they have learned, not talk bad about them more.

                1. Nintendo doesn’t learn from critics, if that is what you are trying to say. Example? Nintendo has been pushing away third-party support for years now. The N64 pushed third -party when people wanted Nintendo to go to disc and not cartridges. Game cube, people wanted disc but got smaller disc. Small third party again. They finally went to disc with Wii but was too late and people went to DVD DL’s and Blue ray. Nintendo has heard people ask to stop friend codes and it is still in used. People told them to build on their network and it sucks still. Nintendo does their own shit. I respect it but it’s a failure.

                  1. You mean its the third parties that didn’t want to use them. You got that backwards. because the 3ds still uses the fc doesn’t mean the wii u does. dvd’s yeah a little late now and glad nintendo got with the programs for the apps like hulu and them. again I agree with most you said but its time to look at it another way and yes I do think they learn from critics, otherwise they wouldn’t have admitted to failure with the wii u or let the one game get all those plays.

                    1. Nintendo pushes away third party as well. You have to read about what Nintendo does with third-party companies. Nintendo doesn’t pay the companies money on certain royalty if they do not sell a certain amount of copies if the game. It goes if they are the publisher and the game developer or developers are indie or mainstream.

                      Nintendo is always late to everything. NX is late to the party too

                    2. The only thing I saw was 3rd partied gimping their games to have an excuse, I call it lazy, not pushing away. They said themselves and I quote, “we will support the wii u, expect great games to come to this great console”. What happened? “Oh, we uh, had to delay the games for uh…uh…its not ready, yeah that’s it”. RAYMAN FUCKING LEGENDS. “We’re are going to continue making games for the wii u”. “We want to make sure we make a profit so we are not going to release maps on the wii u version” Black opts 2. “we are making fifa 13 for the wii u, but we feel its not getting much sales so we are not making anymore games for the wii u” Activision, warner bros, unbisoft and eventually capcom…ALL OF THEM TURNED their backs on the wii u. They turned away even though nintendo is low on their pices according to most inde devs. Again you got it backwards, its not nintendo, its them. and if the NX was late to the party then why am I hearing now of an actual release date then several rumors of when it was “predicted” to come out? I told you all once, “I’m not believing a dam thing until they say so”, and they finally did. next year in march.

                      1. Nope. It’s Nintendo. This has been going on for far too long. And neither of the other two have anywhere near as many problems getting third party support.

      1. Very disappointed. They just swapped the music from something else. Sounds worse. Less awesome then the actual trailer. 2/10 would not watch again.

    2. I love technology and I love talking about it. From computers, video game consoles, PC’s, phones, televisions, tablets, etc. It’s just great. I find it fascinating. I would love to jump into the world of technology. I haven’t quite figured out a plan yet, but I hope maybe I could come up with my own tech company.

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