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Infographic: Donkey Kong Turns 35

Today is the day that Donkey Kong turns 35 and to celebrate this momentous occasion the Daily Dot has put together a wonderful infographic showing the famous ape’s history throughout the years. We’ve had some brilliant Donkey Kong titles in the past such as the Donkey Kong Country series on the Super Nintendo and many more. Check out the brief history of Donkey Kong infographic, below.



16 thoughts on “Infographic: Donkey Kong Turns 35”

      1. I wouldn’t want to really include Konga 2 (or 3, since it was Japan-exclusive), and I’m not really going to miss the non-inclusion of King of Swing or Jungle Climber.

        I don’t really understand why they didn’t include the Mario Vs. DK series as you said though.

        1. Donkey Kong 3 the arcade game should’ve been there more than anything else though, especially since they went through the original Country trilogy.

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  2. So, what about Donkey Kong 3, the Donkey Kong game on the Game Boy, the Donkey Kong Land series, Diddy Kong Racing (and its DS remake), the entire Mario vs. Donkey Kong series, the other two Donkey Konga games, DK: King of Swing, DK: Jungle Climber and, finally, Donkey Kong Jr. Math? xD

  3. Some things left out of this & with good reason. Casual spin offs like Donkey Konga can go rot in a city dump! The only thing that I don’t like being left out is Diddy Kong Racing because that was a fun game and was one of the first racing games to use a HUB world instead of a mission/racing list you scroll through.

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