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The Mayor Of Rio De Janeiro Wants Nintendo To Bring Pokemon GO To Brazil

It seems everyone wants to get ahold off Pokemon GO at the moment as it continues to dominate the smartphone market. One such person who wants Pokemon GO is Eduardo Paes who is the Mayor of Rio De Janeiro. He sent a passionate message on Facebook asking for Nintendo and the Pokemon Company to release Pokemon GO over there.

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18 thoughts on “The Mayor Of Rio De Janeiro Wants Nintendo To Bring Pokemon GO To Brazil”

    1. Yes, it did. But Nintendo’s products still get here through the “gray” market. Not special editions of games and consoles, though, ’cause they get here costing a kidney.

      On the news matter, this guy is a dick. He’s a well know corrupt politician who sold the city to contractors and now we have no security, no quality traffic, no nothing. This city is looking like hell while these guys makes tons of money. Playing Pokémon Go on Rio’s streets is asking to be robbed or even killed.

  1. Hahahahaha Brazil? With so many homicides that occurs there, I’d be surprised if people would be comfortable to casually walk around with their smartphones knowing they are easy walking targets.

    1. Believe me, security is only one of Brazil’s major problems, add in the list poor public health, education, basic sanitation, a severe economical crisis, even the bean looks fucking expensive now, the most basic brazillian lunch, the rice and beans, will cost a fortune in the near future.

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  3. Anubis, Im guessing you dont know Brazil very well. I do know that our country isnt the most safety one, but we still can walk on streets with our smarthphones and stuff. Not everywhere arround here is a war zone, so be carefull with that judgment about people/countries you dont know ok?

      1. Yes, you are. Unfortunately. I have no idea why people still bother trying to say Brazil is a wonderful country with some minor bad stuff restricted to a few areas. There’s actually no safe place nowadays.

        1. Maybe because Brazil IS a wonderful country, the biggest problem is the crappy government, by fixing this, it would consequently fix a bunch of another things in the proccess. Brazil still holds some great places and wonders, such as Cristo Redentor, Foz do Iguaçu, the Amazon Forest, Chapada Diamantina, and etecetera.

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