Darkrai Confirmed For Pokken Tournament Arcade

We knew a new character would be revealed today for the arcade version of Pokken Tournament and it turns out to be none other than Darkrai. Darkrai will be added to the arcade version of Pokken Tournament on July 20th.

While Darkrai is currently only confirmed for the arcades it would be a massive surprise if he didn’t eventually come to the Wii U version of the game. You can check out some footage of him in action, above.



    1. in your dreams if you want to play this game as soon as possible you will need a WiiU …Nintendo is going to make the next installment for the NX and that is going to be years from now. Pokken is amazing I love it.

      1. This game will most likely get a re release on the NX just like SB, because Nintendo is well aware that the wiiu sold poorly and they need as many major titles on the NX console as early as possible. So yeah, I will wait for a complete NX version!

    1. @Kein Hilaro (@Seyunx)
      maybe the Arcade versions are getting priority because the Pokemon Company want to make some little ¥ with other Pokemon in the arcade versions before the Wii U.

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