Nintendo’s Supplemental Computing Devices Patent Has Been Almost Granted, Issue Fee Paid

It has been discovered on NeoGAF that Nintendo‘s patent for Supplemental Computing Devices, or SCDs, has been almost granted. The issue fee was paid for on July 13th, which was 5 days away from the deadline to pay it. When the application is granted, then it can become a “full” patent. We’ve included a picture below that talks about the issue fee payment. The payment of the issue fee means that this is very close to being granted, so we’ll keep you updated on the latest.



Thanks, paidenthusiast


    1. they be these lil thingie-ma-jigs that you can daisy chain together to the nx to beef it up and give it ultimate power. you can also leave them on when you aren’t using them so people nearby can leach off of your ultimate power and you’ll get some nintendo coins or some shit

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  1. from my understanding (googleing it) its a patent for some sort of attachment, maybe an attachment for the nx to connect to other devices? or it could just be a patent that no one else can use thus preventing patent trolls from suing nintendo, i mean they can but they will end up bankrupting themselves instead of nintendo.

      1. This attachment Nintendo is working on doesn’t just beef up your system it will allow other systems across the internet to use your attachment to beef up their system also. It really is impressive. Basically each system will be its own server that others can use to make their system work better and faster. Ever heard of using 100 I7 processors at once? It is rumored to mayb e be included into the NX but attachments will be to make it so you do not have to be online to get the most out of it. Ohh and unlike what your showing its not a external tower with cords.

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