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Two Men Fell Off A Cliff Near San Diego While Playing Pokémon Go

It has been reported by local news outlets that two men apparently fell 75 feet from a cliff on July 13th while they were playing Pokémon GO. The men were in Encinitas, a beach city near San Diego. Because they were distracted with Pokemon GO, they didn’t notice the cliff. Crews at the scene used a rope to rescue one of the men, and neither man was seriously injured.



  1. Glad to hear that they’re okay. Sheesh I had no idea the game would blow up like this though.

  2. Just wait for Pokemon Sun ad Moon

    -Over 150 Pokemon (in general)
    -No freemium
    -No distractions
    -No accidents
    -No making a spectacle of yourself in public
    -No false illusion of “catching Pokemon in real life”.

    It’s not real life if you’re look through a mobile screen and can’t bond with these digital creatures. Capturing random outside animals and cockfights are more realistic to Pokemon than this.

    1. Much agreed. Hell, even I put the phone down every few seconds and only look at it intensely when I’m doing something like stopping at a PokeStop or catching a Pokemon, and I always make sure I’m on a sidewalk, and NEVER look at my phone while crossing a street.

    2. I agree, even the game itself tells you to be careful of your surroundings. A girl here in Houston got hit by a car because she was so distracted by the game. She’s ok and well thankfully and her only injury was a bruise on her head but it was her fault she wasn’t careful not Pokémon GO

  3. It’s only a matter of time before someone dies playing the game.

    The warning on its startup is there for a reason.

  4. there is an invention called common sense, mind your surroundings in english translation. i walk to the store using earbuds (the one with detachable rubber ear pieces) while listening to some music like slipknot and yes i do pay attention t the music yet i mind my surroundings like when im trying to cross an intersection, i use common sense because i dont only pay attention to one thing.

  5. Wow. The amount of stupidity being displayed from people playing is ridiculous. I love the game, but you have to pay attention to your surroundings. There’s NO reason to be constantly looking at your screen. And if you’re catching a pokemon, find a safe place to stop walking then continue to catch it. And the people who play while driving are a very special kind of fucktard. So many idiots. It’s not the game’s fault at all.

  6. ||Yesterday I saw this slave using this tool while driving a bus, Nintendo shall get rid off the useless cattle once and for all…||

  7. Like I said, the infection is spreading: stupidity. I bet most of the people doing stupid shit with this game are the casuals, though.

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