Video: The Ben Heck Show Is Deconstructing & Reconstructing A Nintendo Playstation Prototype

The Ben Heck Show has started a multi-part video series where the goal is to “take apart a Nintendo Playstation prototype, find out how it works and in a future episode get it working again”. According to the description to part one, Terry and Dan Diebold brought them the prototype. They say that they “have handled it with extreme care” due to the belief that it is the only prototype left in existence. If you want to see part one, feel free to check it out down below.


Thanks, Zachary Waddington


  1. I can’t watch this. The Nintendo Playstation prototype is the most valuable piece og gaming tech in existence. selling it would make you rich. He is destroying the biggest gaming treasure in history. He is a idiot for this

    1. No he’s not, if you listened, the owner “teared it down” himself and back together in one piece. Ben does the same here, except he’s gonna get it working again…. hopefully, in part 2 lol

  2. Ben Heck had probably the biggest video game and hardware forum on the internet back in the day. When people were tearing down and speccing out the Genesis and SNES, they were doing it on his forum. Ben’s like a maker legend, he’s not gonna break this thing, he’s gonna fix it.

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