Digitimes: Pixart’s Heart Rate Monitor Sensor Will Apparently Support Nintendo NX

Digitimes is reporting that Pixart Imaging, who ship heart-rate monitoring solutions, are currently ramping up shipments due to the forthcoming Nintendo NX platform. From the sounds of the article it seems that the Nintendo NX will support HRM’s, which if true, goes to show that the Quality of Life initiative isn’t dead yet.

Pixart is expected to complete tape-out of chips supporting VR (virtual reality) technology by year-end 2016, said the paper, adding that the chips will support next-generation Nintendo NX gaming machines.



  1. people will seem to be exited about it now then later complain that its too gimmicky and no one like gimmicks, truth be told everything is a gimmick, the dual shock 4’s gimmick is the touchpad and the xb elite controller’s gimmick is a lot of things.


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