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The Simpsons: Homer has Pokémon Fever In FOX’s New Clip

Pokémon is back in the spotlight with the recent release of the interactive Pokémon GO smartphone app following a partnership between Niantic and the Pokémon company.

On Friday Nintendo’s stock became the most traded Japanese stock in a single day this century with the help of Pokémon GO, yesterday we saw MMA fighter Micheal Page throwing a Pokéball during a fight, and now Homer has joined in on the hype in FOX’s recent YouTube clip as he try to catch them all at the zoo. Check it out below:


Thanks, Nintendo Impact Gaming!

28 thoughts on “The Simpsons: Homer has Pokémon Fever In FOX’s New Clip”

  1. There’s something weirdly harrowing in the fact that our generation is being showcased in Homer Simpson when it used to be Bart/Lisa

      1. I only lost a little interest in the Simpsons due to them refusing to release anymore seasons on DVD. I’ll never get to see the newer seasons beyond season 20. Because I don’t watch tv online. I don’t watch regular tv much either.

  2. I’ll wait for the Pokemon GO episodes for South Park and Family Guy. Those should be very interesting indeed.

      1. South Park will most definitely do it at some point. This is right up their alley. Family Guy is less likely to do an entire episode, true. Now a cutaway segment, that the show is known for doing, is definitely likely to happen eventually.

        1. “Peetah, this craze has got to stop- you’re out of control. Remembah last night at the hospital?”

          *scene switches to an operating room where four surgeons are performing an open heart surgery*

          “…Wilson, would you hand me the scalpel?”

          *out of nowhere, Peter bum rushes through the room, knocking the surgeons out of the way and knocking the patient off the table, causing him to flatline, all with his phone in his face. He makes a swipe on his phone while the surgeons lie on the floor unconscious*

          “Yyyeeeeaaaah, I gotchu, Marowak!”

          *Peter calmly leaves the room, not even acknowledging the death and destruction he just caused*

          I feel it might be something like that.

          1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

            ||Only the weak are against it since they target everything and everyone like it should be…||

  3. Voice Acting Nintendo Monarch: Lance Bulmer

    Now that was pleasently amusing. Nice to see the simpsons are getting in with the trends

  4. If only they didn’t stop releasing season DVD box sets. That was their dumbest decision EVER! For me, that was the same as cancelling the entire series. Because I’ll never see any episodes from seasons 18, 19, or any over 20. But if the seasons beyond season 20 are anything like 20 was, I’m not missing much. Season 20 was my least favorite season of all. There was hardly anything funny, and no good stories.

  5. I still watch the Simpsons, but I wait until the entire season is done so I can binge watch them. They arent as good as they use to be but they still make me laugh. I know im one of the few people from my generation, but I still love the simpsons.

  6. I don’t know what’s sadder, the fact that this joke exists or all the Simpsons fanboys agreeing with the mediocre direction of mediocre recent seasons. It’s like you aren’t allowed to really criticize the writing of what used to be your favorite show. That’s what I literally don’t get about Simpsons apologists.

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