Pokemon GO Has Helped Nintendo Break Tokyo Trading Records

Bloomberg is reporting that Nintendo had the most traded Japanese stock in a single day this century on Friday. This is due in no small part to the huge success of Pokemon GO on iOS and Android which has reinvigorated interest in the Pokemon franchise.




    1. And to think……..Pokémon GO is just the beginning. Judging from how Nintendo has been on a roll as of late, I have a great feeling about the NX

  1. Double standards. Nintendo gets praised for a game they didn’t even develop. Yet if you so much as put a little blame on them for Pokemon GO’s bad start, oh nooooo! It’s not their fault! *rolls eyes*

    1. At least the late Iwata had lend a helping hand for publisher/developer Niantic in making Pokemon GO!.

    2. Can you not? That’s a load of bull. If something fails Nintendo receives it full force plus some.

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