NPD: Here’s The Best-Selling Games In The US During June 2016

The NPD Group has announced which titles were the best-selling during June in the United States. This time around the NPD Group has taken into account some digital sales as well as physical so it’s not surprising to see Overwatch take the number one position. Check out the tweet below to see the best-selling games in the US during June.


  1. Revenue huh? No more small games or 3DS games making the list. They have to sell at least 40,000 more than units than a $60.00 games. Maybe this will end most of the console wars talk.

  2. Doing dollar sales instead of unit sales is clearly an effort to keep indies and smaller projects off of the lists. Seems a litthe political to me, beine that an (indie) games’ is typically determined largely by budget. A project made on the cheap that sells as many units as one of these AAA titles would likely be a bigger success financially than said over budget AAA.

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