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Nintendo Pays Homage To Splatoon’s Splatfests

Splatoon‘s Splatfests are officially a thing of the past and Nintendo is commemorating them with a new compilation video, consisting of numerous screenshots and artwork that highlight every in-game event held in Japan since the Wii U shooter’s debut. The final Splatfest wrapped up yesterday, July 24, and pitted Team Callie against Team Marie. The latter side reigned supreme in both categories – popularity and number of wins.

14 thoughts on “Nintendo Pays Homage To Splatoon’s Splatfests”

    1. I think they needed to end the Splatfest in order to focus on SPLA2N (for NX).
      If Splatfests even need that much developer attention, then yeah, I guess they need to have ALL focus on SPLA2N. Considering it takes so long to develop and release content as simple as new guns (which are just skins) then I think people would underestimate the attention that goes into a Splatfest.
      I wish the Callie/Marie amiibos would have done more than what they so boringly do now.
      They should have let us hold our own little Splatfest or let us unlock ALL the SPLATFEST tees or let us unlock the gear/costume that Callie/Marie wears.

    1. While it does seem that Super Sea Snails will no longer be restocked, you can still re-roll the abilities with 20,000 G. I know it means using up a lot of money for something that can be done with only one SSS, but at least you can still do it.

  1. Why can’t they, instead of stopping splatfests, create a bunch of premade splatfests that are randomized, and used throughout the year and then the final splatfest at the end of each year is Callie vs Marie? They have quite a few already like the dogs vs cats. It could keep the splatfests going without them controlling them setting them each time. That way sea snails stay in the game and useful, and we don’t lose a huge part of splatoon. This game is fun without the splatfests, but something about having the splatfest feels like it added something more to the game. I don’t think nintendo will ever go with this idea, but it’s not like it would be hard to implement.

    1. No one at Nintendo has probably even thought of such an idea to even go with it in the first place. :/

  2. Why can’t Nintendo ever make an online mode that matters?! They should allow making teams and hold a team tournament every two weeks or so. It’s like they make Splatoon irrelevant on purpose. The splatfests were the only reason I still played the game.

    1. Plenty of people do form teams and hold tournaments regularly. Splatoon is far from irrelevant to these people. If you’re only playing Splatoon once a month, that’s your own problem. Meanwhile, everybody else is having a great time with the full range of online modes available.

  3. How much you want to bet Marie’s victory will be relevant in the sequel?

    I’m almost certain Splatfests will return in Spla2n- hopefully we see all-new, cool themes like Hard Candy VS Gummy Candy (I would rather eat…), Science Fiction VS Fantasy (I prefer…) Pencils VS Pens, (I write with…), etc.

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