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US: Pokémon GO Slips To Number Two On iOS App Store

Interest in Pokémon GO might still be at an all-time high but the game has now slipped to number two on the iOS App Store in the United States. The application that has overtaken it is Bitmoji which allows you to make an emoji of yourself to use in Snapchat. However, Pokémon GO is still number one on the Google Play Store.



      1. It was a little joke :p I’ve known about Nintendo’s lack of involvement for the longest time.

    1. Michael Patcher: You know, taking how Nintendo didn’t make Pokémon Go and now that it is slipping number to in the mobile stores, I think it’s time for them to sell and cut their lost. They need to just get out of mobile, hardware and go third-party with Zelda. Which I didn’t even know was coming out for NX as a launch title and thought it was only for Wii U since I know nothin about the industry I went to school and earned 3 degrees to talk about.

  1. It’s only a matter of time until the smell of Doritos & sweaty neckbeards are of the streets and the empire can focus on ACTUAL consoles NOT Phone Apps!

    Again, not being an asshole just saying it would be nice to get to work not surfing through sweaty neckbeard crowds (wannabe pokemon fans) REal players use Nintendo Products.

  2. Wait. Haven’t I seen some people with Facebook posts using this emoji maker thing to augment their photos? I’m pretty sure I have.

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