Nintendo Reveals Splatoon’s Top 200 Players From The Final Splatfest

The final Splatfest took place last weekend, and Team Marie were triumphant in being crowned the winners. Along with the winning team, Nintendo has also revealed the top 200 players that participated in the event. You can take a look at the list and see if you’re featured below:


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    1. Lel… can you guys spot me?

      FYI… I had a higher power than what I ended with.
      I think my highest point was around 2200.
      I remember playing with 2 of the top 5 players. We were on -like- a 20 win streak. I think we ended up getting disconnected because “Super Saiyan Servers”.
      Glad I made it to the Elite 200!… Even though we lost.
      GGs Marie…

      …U little slut

      1. ||Congratulations warrior, you make a fine example for The First Order…||

  1. Wait, there was a way to change your Splatfest Power? I thought it was just some arbitrary number. Mine was stuck at around 1400 for the entire Splatfest.

      1. I lost most of my games until the last night, where having a player named idubbbz on my team somehow made me win every single match until I disconnected.

  2. Aww man, I had work all weekend so I only made it up to 1700 (started at 1500) and most teams I was on sucked (charger players that only tried shooting opponents, roller players who wouldn’t fling ink at medium-range opponents, opponents who use the cheap-ass Dynamo Rollers, etc.)

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