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US: It Seems Parents Are Naming Their Children After Pokémon Due To Pokémon GO

The Pokémon GO craze is spreading and now parents are naming their children after Pokémon characters, at least in the United States. The Baby Centre said it has seen an increase in first names like Roselia, Ash, Eevee and Onyx. Here’s how names connected to Pokémon Go have grown in popularity in the US compared to this time last year

  1. Roselia – it’s risen 5,859 spots
  2. Onyx – up 2,184 spots
  3. Star – 2,040
  4. Eevee – 1,377 places
  5. Ivy – 1,287 spots
  6. Ash – 248 spots
  7. Shay – 64 spots

“Parents are always looking to pop culture for baby name inspiration and, right now, it doesn’t get hotter than Pokemon Go,” said global editor in chief of Baby Center, Linda Murray. It’s possible that parents’ enthusiasm for the game will reignite their love for the brand and spark a full-fledged naming trend.”



    1. i can understand why parents chose roselia and a few others, not just pokemon but human names like ash but why name a kid onyx? roselia makes sense as a name for a child so is shay which i assume its short for shaymin, im not counting human names because most of them makes sense.

      1. Well Onyx isnt so farfetched. Its actually a Stone, Eevee is the only weird one I see on that list. I like the little guy, but naming your kid that, is awfully, odd. Oh well Im not a father, nor am I that big into pokemon, so who am I to judge what these people name their kids.

        ps: I have a yellow tabby cat named French Fry ffs lol I shouldnt be talking.

    1. ||Count yourself in with the rest of your doomed species then considering 99.999999999% of all humans today are named after someone else in your pathetic history…||

      ||Human or Pokemon, no difference, you are all slaves to the first bearers of your names…||

          1. Ahh, that’s too bad. There was this guy who was just like you when I used to actively browse this site years ago.

            1. ||If you are talking about me then yes I’m the same, I thought you were talking about the imbecile I attacked…||

        1. ||I have my superiors coming soon in the Real Realm, in this base however I can persuede Ambassador Sickr, but I don’t think he wants to lose the generous resources the cattle gives him…||

          ||Do not worry, the fate of humans has already been written since before they ever came to be anyway…||

  1. Let me introduce you all to my son, Trubbish. We’re also expecting a baby girl, who will be named Jynx, after her aunt.

  2. “…at least in the United States.”

    Of course. In most countries you’ll find names that are rooted in those countries’ cultures. In America you find names that are rooted in pop culture.

      1. You say that as if America’s entire history is dark and has been based on those things. The history of the United States is no darker than many other first-world countries. Raping, murdering, stealing, corruption; those things have existed long before the U.S. was born.

      1. Something like that….

        OH SHIT!

        Imagine their named her daughter after a male only Pokemon, Hitmonchan!


    1. Unless they spell that name out to you, you’ll never know they are named after Eevee since it sounds exactly like the name Evie.

        1. Evie sounds like a nice name so it could work without being short for Evelyn. So Eevee could just be an alternate spelling of Evie. It wouldn’t be the first time a name had alternate spellings, after all.

            1. My point is Eevee isn’t really a bad name since it can easily pass for an actual name. It’s better than say North as a first name. :/

  3. Eevee is actually a good name since it’ll sound exactly like Evie. Marill could work, too.

      1. Some of those Pokemon names could work if you pronounce them in a way that the anime doesn’t pronounce them. Cresselia could be pronounced Cres-lee-ya, for example, by making the second e silent.

  4. Oh boy.

    This reminds me of the article where a couple of parents named their child “Facebook” as thanks for the fact that it helped overthrown the Libyan government (I think. Whatever; you get what I mean).


  5. Now imagine if a black family named their child Jynx and she would grow up to be the sassiest chick of all time.

  6. Normally I’m not the judge of anyone’s personal lives, but are they sure naming their children after Pokemon is a sound decision? Just think of the potential bullying these children would endure when growing up because of their names.

    But at least people aren’t naming their children after anime characters. Now THAT would be a huge problem.

    1. Nothing wrong with that, though, since most names used in anime are actual names. Unless you are being sarcastic. lol

      1. For Japanese citizens, sure. That’s not that much of a problem.

        For non-Japanese citizens, it could raise a few eyebrows. I remember one guy telling a couple who named their daughter after Arale Norimaki that they are the weaboo scum of society. It’s kind of a touchy subject nonetheless.

        1. Actually called them scum of society simply for naming their kid a Japanese name? I think those losers should look in the mirror if they want to see real scum of society. Just a dark reminder how disgusting many humans truly are, though. :/

      1. It’s okay, Goku. Some of us know how awesome the character you are named after is so we won’t judge you by the name your parents gave you. They obviously want you to become a Super Saiyan one day and save the Earth from all manner of evil aliens!

  7. For the love of God, I’m SO sick of hearing about Pokemon Go! Every single day, there’s more news about how stupid people are. Even my 17-year old niece is driving me CRAZY talking about Pokemon Go, and she’s determined to get her smartphone connected with a phone company so she can download and play Pokemon Go. I just don’t understand the appeal.

    There been many other Pokemon Go related news that hasn’t even been posted on this site. Such as more dead bodies found, and someone witnessing someone getting murdered. My niece told me about those stories.

    1. It shouldn’t bother you that other people are interested in something that you’re not. If you’re not interested in news about the game just skip over it.

      1. Pokémon GO has indeed exploded in popularity. It actually kind of confuses me. Just today, I overheard some guys on the radio randomly bring up Pokémon GO. And I’m like “What? When do they ever talk about this?” And not too long ago, I was outside distracted on my phone and this random guy walking past me said “Pokémon?” I assumed he must have thought I was playing the game. More people know about it than I thought! Lmao.

    1. No you are not. Although, Celebi could pass as a unisex name so it could go for either a boy or a girl.

  8. The names aren’t as awful as I was expecting. Some Pokemon names make fine names but if anyone names their child Pikachu there’s something wrong with that. I wanted to change mine to Serebii at one point, the Japanese name of Celebi.

  9. In 10 years there will be parents who worship the Legendary Pokémon (or the Helix fossil) and name their children with Pokémon names and even change their own names. Florges & Aegislash Arceus, and their children Minior, Flygon, and Ninetales.

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