Video: Did You Know Gaming? Takes A Look At Pokémon GO

The team over at the informative Did You Know Gaming? have taken a look at the creation of the ultra-popular Pokémon GO. The episode looks at the creation of developer Niantic and how they got together with Nintendo and the Pokémon Company. You can check out their findings in the video, below.


  1. Only thing i wanna know is when are they gonna fix the damn radar, or open back up the pokevision website, i don’t have time to wonderlessly walk around hoping i get lucky and the pokemon i wants appear

    1. Jeez get over it. Just walk around, set a path, play some music, and have fun. If you find a pokemon, the better. It’s not the end of the world if you have to explore for pokemon (you know, what it was MADE for.) Man people are babies.

      1. Sthu, some people don’t have all damn day to hunt pokemon, we have other more important things to do instead, so once i start playing i would like the convenience of a radar or the pokevision website to help out. I get way more than enough exercise like i said im not wondering around aimlessly hoping something pops up.. fuck that

        1. “sthu” Wow, what a mature comment. I rest my case about people being babies. And if you don’t have time to play this game, then maybe you shouldn’t be playing it and doing the things you’re supposed to be doing? And repeating “wondering randomly” doesn’t make you right. I gave you a solution to that, but keep whining.

          1. Hey man! I love how you’re checking out my pic, don’t worry about my profile pic srop tryna defend a company that doesn’t give a fuck about you like some fangirl, they fucked up and im calling them on it, why attack me for it?

            1. I’m not “attacking” you. You’re wrong on something and I’m calling YOU out. And “calling them out on it.” Really? Do you think that they’re going to find your comment and think “Gee, this guy is whining about something stupid. We should heed his words!”

        2. ||If you don’t have time to play as it should be played then either make time or be silent, we won’t change the core formula just because you are being infantile about it human…||

            1. ||Humans, specially the ones that aren’t in danger of dying at any moment think they are entitled to anything they want to have based on their irrelevant needs…||

              ||This savage species is doomed…||

  2. I just wanted to comment that in July 2017, my nintendo news has published around 100 news about pokemon GO. Last time (on 17/07/2016) I checked MNN has posted 42 posts. Impressive… no just damn frustrating but on the other hand MNN will have nothing to post

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