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The Niantic Boss For Pokémon GO Had His Twitter Account Hacked

John Hanke, boss of Pokémon Go developer Niantic, had his Twitter account hacked earlier today. It seems that the group Our Mine was responsible, and Our Mine apparently hacked the Twitter because the game isn’t available in Brazil yet. The Our Mine tweets are still live, even though four hours have passed since they were posted.



      1. They removed several functions from their own app also, basically they fucked everyone good. Must be taking pages from Nintendo’s playback.

  1. so some people are impatient for the game so they decided to hack the account thinking Niantic will release the game early. im sorry but thats not how it works, thats not how any of this works.

    1. You would think that someone with the knowledge to hack a Twitter account would at least have the common sense to know that game development takes time.

      In fact, they may have potentially slowed down the release of the game, due to time now having to be spent retrieving a Twitter account.

    2. Maybe Wed have more patience if they would fucking TALK to us… Tell us what’s up, what’s the plan…. Just cutting shit out of the game, not responding to us,…come on… Companies can’t be run this way.

  2. This is one of the most idiotic and childish things I have seen recently.
    The game is having issues, yes, but obviously the team is hard at work correcting them. People are getting triggered because their precious footsteps were glitched and now temporarily removed, and the rest of the world is even more triggered because they can’t have the game.
    If you waste developers’ time by hacking their stuff, they’re only going to take longer to create these fixes, and get the game out elsewhere.

  3. Nowhere underneath the US is actually important to the rest of the world, so who cares about Brazil? Isn’t it a Brazilian’s job to traffic cocaine and people anyway? You won’t have enough time to enjoy Pokemon.

    1. ||Isn’t it the American human’s job to massmurder eachother every week, love weapons more than yourselves, deny intelligence for fairy tales/ignorance and just improving your stupidity each year? You don’t have time to enjoy Pokemon Go without being murdered…||

  4. is it really that easy to hack peoples social media accounts that easily?

  5. ||Now we will delay the mobile weapon a couple of weeks just to see them squirm for a while longer…||

    1. I hate to break it to ya, but Nintendo is slowly dismantling it’s mobile weapon. It won’t be any more dangerous than a bottle rocket at the rate they are going.

      1. ||Doesn’t matter, the generous resources we have received from the millions of the human cattle is enough to make it worthy…||

        ||In the end I simply don’t care, I am disgusted by the Mobile Infantry yet their resources is the only positive thing about it to boost my own power…||

  6. Pokémon Go’s launch date in Brazil became an unstoppable and obnoxious internet meme because of the wacky theories that people spread over Facebook. I don’t care about Pokémon Go because it doesn’t work on x86 phones.

  7. Want to know who else got hacked on Twiter? That’s right the actual fucking CEO himself. Twitter really needs to lock down on the security issues.

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