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Honest Game Trailers Did A Video On Monster Hunter

A new episode of Honest Game Trailers has been uploaded by Smosh Games. As the name suggests, the group releases comedic trailers that tell you the truth about video games. As Smosh Games explains, they are “these are the hilarious trailers the game developers don’t want you to see”. The newest episode of Honest Game Trailers looks at Monster Hunter. If you want to check out the video, we’ve included it down below for you to see.


5 thoughts on “Honest Game Trailers Did A Video On Monster Hunter”

  1. The jokes about the beginning of the game being tutorial missions! XD My personal favorite: “When do I get to murder something!?”

    “Man, I wonder if PETA knows about this game.” lol Just a bunch of hypocrites, though, since they kill more animals than a god damn poacher!

    “Or even drinking a health potion takes half an hour!” Oh my god! My biggest issue with this franchise since most of the time, you have to leave a volatile area to heal or even boost your stamina or whatever. Otherwise, that potion you used to heal yourself ends up wasted. I can understand the sharpening taking some time to do, though, as it adds some realism to the game.

    “Everything! Except the parts you needed!” Ugh! This franchise’s RNG is utterly terrible.

    “Because there’s some truly excellent gameplay in there. Even if it’s buried under a mountain of bullshit. …Literally. *shows a clip of someone farming dung*” lol

    “Murder Pickle!” xD

    I’ll add to this later when I finish the video.

  2. “So after all that work grinding monsters, you’re gonna make a fuzzy vest, loincloth, and a tube top? Jeez. Female armor is stupid. *shows the male version of that same armor* Oh… Are those assless chaps?” lol

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