UK Retailers Say Nintendo NX Needs To Be Priced Under £200 To Be A Success

Trade magazine MCV recently interviewed a number of key retailers in the UK to get their opinions about the Nintendo NX reports we have heard. The retailers feel that the portable console needs to be priced in the £150-£200 range in order for it to be a hit with consumers. We’ve already heard sources say today that the system isn’t really meant for potential PlayStation 4 and Xbox owners and is set to be marketed to entice smartphone owners.

“The games industry sorely misses a strong Nintendo,” said one major buyer. “If the NX reports are true, I’m optimistic. But only if the machine is significantly cheaper than PS4 and Xbox One.”

Another retail boss added: “NX could be exactly what the market needs. A £150 to £200 price point would guarantee a far stronger start than either the Wii U or 3DS.”



  1. It would guarantee a stronger start, but at what cost to Nintendo? So hard to say without knowing exactly what we are in for, but cheaper is obviously better for us

    1. i think the price point should be around 250$ especially if its going to be under powered compared to Xbox one and most certainly Scorpio.
      i hope they have a focus on apps and the OS this time around (along with a number of other issues)
      but if this is a portable device then it simply needs to do more then just play games.
      1) full web browser
      2) nextflix and other video services
      3) audio/video/photo playback
      4) a decent camera
      5) decent updates to the OS every 6 months for new features in improvements
      6) speed (loading and moving in and out of apps)
      7) a unified app store. allowing all NX devices to be carry the same games, apps, and general features.
      and cross buy of apps/games so you only need to pay once for access to that content
      8) allow features like game DVR, screen shots, miivers, playing your own music, exe.
      9) they need that third party support from developers. they need GTA, batman, bioshock, skyrim, ghost recon, battle field, call of duety exe
      10) they need to have their own first party M rated games (they should just buy platinum honestly)

      1. some of that is good, but because Scorpio doesn’t exist and will have a tough enough time moving units itself considering that the XB1 and PS4 are still just in the midst of their cycle, just being close to PS4 and XB1 would be good enough… as for the other stuff, we could argue a bit, but I will just say that I agree the OS of the WiiU was terrible and the apps like Netflix are some of the worst iterations. I think they need (and other companies I might add) to hire some non-programmers or non-tech people and just hire smart users to direct how these things have to work. Not that I am vying for a position, but nothing makes me crazier than a shitty OS haha

  2. Sigh. Nintendo needs to say something soon. At least acknowledge that you know people are talking about it and give a tiny hint on when to expect real info other than “later this year”. If it really does release in March i’d like to have and idea of how much I should probably set aside now. All the rumors and condescending remarks aren’t doing much for hype and expectations lol.

    1. I hear you there… the suspense is, well, getting to me and the rumors are annoying to some extent other then getting some good talk in on here. The reveal is in like 6 weeks most likely so, not too much longer. I mean, Im ready for whatever it costs

  3. I predict it will need to sell well in Japan, EU & US to be successful.

  4. 199.99 to 249.99 iy will be cutting edge and a great do it all device a wii like price would be great 179.99 was wii price

    199.99 to 249.99 would be a wii price today

  5. That much is true. With current gen home consoles being available at 300€, there’s no room for a portable, not matter how powerful, with a 250€ price tag. 235€/200£ seems more fair, but I’d argue that 200€/170£ is the sweetspot.

      1. It would be a mistake to brand the system as both, in my opinion. If that were to happen, people would begin to rightfully compare the NX to the other two home consoles, and that’s a battle Nintendo can’t win. I’m sure they’ll know better than that, and that includes not charging premium price for a portable device, no matter if you can plug it to your TV or not. Optics and public perception can make or break this concept, they need to be extra careful with how they introduce it to the general public.

        1. OK, that may be true. But it being both a true mobile and home console is, if it is what we think, the big part of its appeal. Not including anything else we don’t know about. How many device conceptions this thing can transcend is the question… Is it mobile, handheld and home?

          1. It’s a selling point, that much is certain. I’m not saying they should neglect it entirely when marketing the system, they just need to make it clear that the NX is a portable console with the added functionality of a “home console” mode. I’m afraid that the “take your console games wherever you go” angle is easier to promote, though, so they might go with that despite the chances of it backfiring.

            1. ||They need to do 3 things to have a good launchday…||

              ||Name, marketing and concept explained well to the mindless cattle compared to the Wii U…||

  6. Either way you look at it the Tegra X2 chip which is using Pascal graphics are 10x the power over Maxwell basically gives you a clue on how powerful NX will be so retailer should calm down also a portable this powerful will not be under £279 not a chance.

  7. ||It doesn’t matter what it costs, what matters is our plan…||

    1. Actually, the Wii, DS and 3DS sold incredibly well here in the UK (If you did any research).
      The Wii was actually so popular here that they were putting them in schools during P.E.

      So please tell me again why the NX would sell very well in the UK?

  8. Nintendo needs to discontinue the Wii U and 3DS once the NX hits shelves if they want to sell well. You simply cannot have competing devices on shelves next to each other and expect idiot parents to understand the differences between the devices and different price points. I feel like the Wii U suffered in part because it was launched when the Wii still had a major presence at retailers. So parents see a $100 Wii and a $350 Wii U and figure it’s just a tablet add on and too expensive so they passed. If the NX is a handheld you cannot put it on shelves next to the 3DS. Nintendo needs to stop producing 3DS this Holiday after Sun and Moon drop and sell out of inventory by the time the NX launches. The Wii U is dead, the 3DS is almost dead (by early 2017 with no upcoming games..will be dead). The sales numbers for both are embarrassing and will only confuse consumers. Nintendo cannot afford for 3DS and Wii U to poach sales from the NX. They can still sell the devices on Amazon, Nintendo store and ebay, but they need to get them off retail shelves in early 2017.

    With that in mind, the 3DS needs to be dropped to $150 and the Wii U to $200 to clear out inventory and set the stage for a massive marketing push and NX sections full of stock on retail shelves. Whether it’s $300 or $200, the NX cannot be just an alternative for Nintendo, it has to be the ONLY alternative if you want Nintendo 1st party games.

  9. I don’t understand why Nintendo should be cheaper than Sony or Microsoft. Let’s assume the NX is. A home console with some degree of portability ? I don’t understand why the console should be cheaper than PS vita which is £229.

    1. It wont be cheaper. And it doesnt need to be cheaper. The Wii wasnt cheap at launch and that didnt stop it from flying off the shelves. People that write these kinds of articles generally dont understand what makes certain systems sale and why others dont. If a console is a hit it will move off the shelf, regardless of price point.. The NX will probably launch around $300-350. Will probably drop to $250 eventually.

  10. Yet PS4 released at a price point of over £300 and it sold over 40 million units so far.
    Xbox One S is around £350 for the 2TB and that’s selling out pretty quickly…. so selling the NX for under £200 doesn’t make sense as Nintendo could take a loss if the NX is worth more than the “Under £200” pricing.

  11. This is why I hate the UK games industry (I’m from the UK) that’s too cheap for any long term power, I went into my local game store yesterday and the Nintendo sections are all gone they were gradually disappearing but they don’t even sell amiibo or 3ds stuff which is strange.

  12. game stores are only saying that because mircosoft pay game shops to kiss their asses aswell as they say the console sells well if your a yo with a foul mouth then yes or a halo fan i mean when i was doing a wiiu unveil event there was an xbox employee trying to tempt nintendo players to xbox I said excuse me i realize your doing your job but going deliberatly to an event that catering to an opposing corperation is very crafty if you want to get new people to join your fanbase you dont do it in a fashion like this. Kindly move away.

  13. as for under £200 fuck that Nintendo work hard with their systems and the 3ds doesn’t need killing off wii u maybe but not the 3ds if the 3ds is killed off and the NX fails what is there to keep them afloat? have any of you considered that possibility?

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