DigiTimes: Nintendo To Start NX Production In Early Fourth Quarter 2016

DigiTimes is reporting that Nintendo plans to start production of its upcoming Nintendo NX in early fourth quarter 2016. The information apparently comes from Taiwan-based supply chain makers. The sources have told the publication that the original plan was Nintendo was going to start production in the second quarter of the year but changed their minds after continual changes in design and specifications. The platform will apparently use Nvidia’s ARM-architecture Tegra X1 which backs up previous rumours.



        1. Reading the part “changes in design and specifications”, that’s still quite possible.

          However, I wouldn’t put my hopes too hight. If they end up putting a more powerful GPU into the NX, great. If they don’t, that’s really no problem.

            1. Tegra 2 would be nice…in saying that, Mario Kart 8 was honestly one of the best looking games this generation. Look at Mario galaxy too. Easily the most impressive looking game on wii. Nintendo can do wonders!

            2. I doubt X2 (/P1/S1/whatever the name is) is much more expensive than X1, but could be much more efficient. Knowing Nintendo I would not be surprised if they went the prev-gen -route, but one would think having an efficient chip in a portable device would be worth pursuing.

              1. “Prev-gen route” reminds me of the New 3DS. Maybe they will actually do something like that. First a model with the X1 and then maybe later a version with the X2 that’s slightly more powerful.

            3. ||Whatever it is, you know that High Command always tweaks any core to their maximum capacity right?…||

              1. Sure, but the maximum capacity of the X1, while great for a portable, might not be that impressive on a TV. If they can, I’d like to see a more powetful chip. If they can’t, I’m still happy about how the device turned out to be.

        2. It will have to be X2 unless the docking station has a CPU of its own. Then the “handheld” would be the SCD.

            1. The Tegra X1 isn’t bad by any means, but the X2 makes more sense (if the rumor is even true).
              Nintendo should be making an announcement pretty soon.

                1. A custom X1 could end up costing more than an out-of-box X2 chip.
                  Nintendo likes to do custom chips though. Time will tell. I sense big announcements soon.

  1. But surely the production was never scheduled to early 2017? If they want to start selling them in March, I’d imagine they want to make them first and not have a shortage on release day!
    I don’t actually know how long it takes to build whatever number of copies of a console, but with transportation and all in mind, a manufacturing start in late 2016 doesn’t sound like “earlier than expected” to me

  2. Ooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwhhh
    Immmmmmmaaaaaa scared!!!!!!!!!!

    1. ||And you think the Xbox One and PS4 are still modern?…||

  3. Well we know that prototype and test field were done.then I guess from those tests and the comments they had to modified the specification. Knowing the production need to do a dry run so that they know how to optimise their productionand do they QA tests. Knowing Nintendo they going to manufacture 10m for the first year. Then Starting production now for a small batch which will be for the press all over the world and the demo make sense to start production now available in fact and personally I would say they are a month late. Then there is the launch to prepare for each region but again knowing Nintendo they are not going to much taks on it and I should expect the minimum.

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