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US: You Can Now Pre-Load Metroid Prime Federation Force

Good news for those of you who are looking forward to the soon to be released Metroid Prime Federation Force on the Nintendo 3DS as the game is now available for pre-load in North America. The Metroid spin-off will set you back $40 and if you pre-load you’ll be able to play it immediately on launch day.

Thanks, James K


    1. ||Underdose of games on the Wii U = bad, overdose of games on the 3DS = bad, equal doses for both = why not more?…||

    2. 3DS overdoses?… what?
      Are you talking about the system revisions/upgrades that they released or too many games?

      3DS is easily my favorite Nintendo handheld.
      So many great games.

      1. The 3DS is indeed a great handheld, although I’ve never been a big fan of portable gaming. My biggest grip with it is that it ended up overshadowing the Wii U. I somehow blame the “…the 3DS in detriment of the Wii U…” policy from Nintendo as the key factor of that abismal Wii U’s performance. But that’s me.

  1. The demo was underwhelming. That football-like game got boring after 2 hours. So, there’s one mini-game in FF that I’m already fed up with before I even own the game. That’s not a good omen!

    1. Yeah I wasn’t feeling it at all, and I couldn’t even get online, playing the computer got boring quick. Rocket League is a million times better if you feel like playing a unique take on a soccer game.

      1. Or, if you’re an Overwatch player, the new Lucioball mode is really good too.

        I almost feel like Blizzard did Lucioball the way they have in order to spite Nintendo’s “attempt” at 3-on-3 shooting soccer, and make it superior while they were at it.

        1. I’ve been considering getting Overwatch but I’m really looking forward to No Man’s Sky which comes out very soon, so it looks like I might be putting off getting Overwatch even longer…

  2. I’m sorry-not-sorry but if the demo was terrible (which it was), the rest of the game is likely going to follow suit.

    I can’t wait to see how many reviews say “it’s not just a bad Metroid game- it’s a bad game in general.”

    I don’t hate the idea of playing as Federation marines, I really don’t- I hate that the graphical style was compromised to avoid a problem that truly does not exist, it looks worse than Hunters back on the original DS, it has little of the traditional Metroid formula, and Samus is reduced to a mere cameo in the only Metroid game releasing this year, which is the series’ 30th anniversary.

    Did I miss anything?

    1. The feeling I have is that there has been a Prime 4 in the works for sometime now which was planned originally for the 30th anniversary on the Wii U and to coincide with the 3DS Federation Force spin-off. But now it’s being held back for the NX. Probably just wishful thinking on my part though…

    1. ||However, if you end up buying it for whatever reason you have, you are still as bad as those who do buy it…||

      1. What if I dress up in a Deadpool costume and go to a GameStop in the middle of the night, smash the glass and steal a copy of Federation Force? What that be more suitable?

          1. ||Anyone that’s against it and buys it, will be seen as Xbots forever…||

          2. Have you tried playing the Combat Sim in the training mode on the Blast Ball Demo? You get to fight waves of Space Pirates, it’s actually pretty fun, it’s a lot better than the blastball mode…

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