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Zelda-Inspired Game “The Legend Of Kusakari” Launches Later This Month On Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS owners will soon be able to get their hands on The Legend of Kusakari. Nnooo‘s upcoming Zelda-inspired game will be released on August 25 in North America, Europe and Australia for $4.99, €4.99 and $6.99, respectively. In The Legend of Kusakari, players take control of a grass cutter named Shiba Kari, who is tasked with keeping the fields tidy so that warriors can focus on defeating evil forces. Check out the game’s announcement trailer below:


  1. Do they really have to use “The Legend of” in the title? Why not just call it “Kusakari”? Or “Kusakari the Legend”? (it could work.)

    I get the inspiration bit, but making the logo slightly identical to Zelda’s? Too much, don’t you think?

  2. That doesn’t look great… the developer seems to have a vague idea of what Zelda is, and is trying to get the Zelda fanbase.

    tbh, I never like what I see when I hear “Zelda inspired”, with 3D Dot Game Heroes being the one exception.

  3. Woah, that trailer sucks! It does a horrible job at demonstrating the gameplay of the game (like, is this really all just about cutting grass?) and that music… Jesus…

  4. After seeing all the comments about the trumpet music, I went and it checked it out for myself. You guys weren’t lying. I was laughing the whole time listening to that. As far as the whole C and D orders people are talking about, I thought the logo looked very similar to Zelda’s too. But then again, the game is releasing on the 3DS, so wouldn’t Nintendo have told them to change it already if they were worried about it? I mean, I’m not a legal expert, but I don’t think Nintendo would let them release a game on the 3DS if they felt this game was breaking copyright stuff. Am I wrong?

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