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The Pentagon Has Restricted The Playing Of Pokémon GO At Its Headquarters

Pokemon GO has gotten so popular that it has even influenced the Pentagon, located in Arlington, Virginia. The Defense Department has banned Pokemon GO within the Defense Department’s facilities via a memorandum sent on July 19th. The memorandum warned all officials and defense contractors that playing Pokemon GO “poses a potential a security risk to secure and sensitive facilities”. This is due to the app’s GPS satellite network it uses, and the data it collects. Pentagon security officials fear that this could let people know the locations of rooms and “other sensitive facilities where secrets are stored” with accuracy. Another reason is this data could also come from Pentagon officials with access to secrets, which could lead to “information that could be used in cyber attacks or spying recruitment attempts”.

Apparently, that wasn’t the only reason that Pokemon GO has stressed out Pentagon officials. A Pokemon Gym showed up near the Pentagon, earlier on in the app’s release. The gym eventually disappeared.



      1. You are looking at the head of the Metroid branch Nintendo Military Squadron. You would do best not to forget this.

        1. Yes, it’s for security reasons. Then again, Android and iOS’ security are just as good as Blackberry’s (and there’s no backdoor compared to Android and iOS), so I don’t really see a reason why the Executive branch can’t switch over to them; most of the government agencies are.

  1. Facepalm! fully grown adults playing a stupid Mobile App? No wonder America is overrun with illegal Immigrants and security is at an all time low because of that Fucking App preventing people who are meant to be respected act like children (which it was aimed for) This form of retardation is why I hate humanity for what it’s becoming. This world …. Is Rotting !

      1. No the app is fucking retarded if you want to play a pokemon game buy a fucking 3ds, gameboy,gba or n64 !

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