Nintendo Minute Takes On Missions In Metroid Prime: Federation Force With Two Special Guests

In the latest installment of Nintendo Minute, Kit and Krysta are joined by YouTubers Katie Wilson and Andre Meadows. They all take on co-op missions in Metroid Prime: Federation Force, which tasks them to work together as a team to clear out bases and complete missions. Check out the episode in the video below. Metroid Prime: Federation Force is set to launch this Friday, August 19, for Nintendo 3DS.


    1. I’m sorry to say happygamer1224, but saying something like that is like your asking to get flamed!

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  1. Looks mediocre honestly. I’m actually one of the supporters for this game I want it to be good regardless of the fact that it’s not faithful to normal metroid traditions. But after that game play its looking like a rental for me. I hadn’t seen actual game play before this video.

  2. As a big Kirby fan, I feel like Metroid fans are big babies. LOL. Get used to gameplay changes cause it’ll happen sometimes in your favorite franchise. Not much you can do about it

    1. Least you guys have been getting consistent good Kirby games for the last nearly 9-10 years. The last great Metroid game we got was Corruption which was back in 2007. So yeah. Excuse us if we’re a little pissy right now.

        1. Well you could, actually… if you were one of those people constantly defending Nintendo even when they mess up. xD

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