Target: NES Classic Mini Available For Pre-order

Target is one of the few US retailers that have started taking pre-orders for the ultra-neat Nintendo Entertainment System Mini. You can place your pre-order now online. Hopefully other retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon will also begin listing the product as available for pre-order soonish.


  1. I haven’t look at it in details cause when you used to play NES rooms like do, that Mini Nes is a bt useless. Saying that I was wondering if it has a micro-sd with game loaded or just a flash memory inside with 30 preloaded games? I ask the question cause I would love Nintendo to get more game out and i would have been a good idea to have something like a memory card reader to expend the NES games library.

  2. everyone was sold out early this morning. Now they are selling on ebay anywhere from a $100 to $5000.
    That should be illegal until they have been on the market for like 30 days. Especially right before the holidays.

  3. cant get this anywhere and been trying since 11/11 I have seen the scammers on EBay asking up to 20,000.00 for this which I think should be illegal.

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