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French Mayor Tries To Ban Pokémon GO

While Pokémon GO continues to explode, some people have gotten tired of the phenomenon. The mayor of the French village Bressolles is certainly one of these people. According to Mayor Fabrice Beauvois, Pokémon GO is causing mayhem in the small town. Claiming that pedestrians and drivers were acting dangerously because of the game, he sent a letter to Niantic demanding the app be removed from the town. He has even argued that he should have been asked permission before the app was released.

When a cafe or a restaurant owner wants to open a business in any French town, they have an obligation to request prior authorization to the mayor. The rule applies to all people wishing to set up an activity or occupy a space on a public property. So it applies to Niantic as well, even though their settlement is virtual. They [Niantic] use the entire planet as a playground.

While Niantic has yet to respond to his demands, they have already opened a section of their website to submit such requests.



  1. je crois que le type il n’a pas compris qu’un jeux qui utilise un GPS n’est pas un business. Bien que je déteste Pokemon, bannir un jeux con n’est pas la solution. Le pire dans cette histoire et de faire une demande pour pour jouer dans sa ville de merde, c’est en plus stupide que les gens qui y jouent….

      1. I just found the franchise silly, the game is not very appeal to me, l(levelling is really a pain in a buut), does pokemon as a story???? and when I look at the anime I just find it wrong. However my sister,nephew and my friends are die hard fan. And before you ask did I ever play any pokemon games? Yes and not just once (Yellow GB, Rubis, the blue verions of the GBA, pearl and pokemon stadium).

  2. Somebody ban this man from politics, please.

    Pfft, telling a dev in a different country he should’ve asked his permission to release a game. Talk about not having your ego in check.

    1. RIGHT?! Is he that stupid…oh wait, “acting dangerously”, means they are that dam stupid if they are DRIVING and walking, not paying attention is what he’s saying…perhaps, call me crazy, he should ban driving with a phone and telling the people to pay more attention to the street lights.,,I mean its common fucking sence man…but thats too much to ask since he wants to piss people off.

  3. ||Humans and their fragile minds, blaming technology when they should blame their weak minded so called cerebros, but since my answer lies within my words, I expected nothing less…||

  4. I think its time for the people to rise up and get rid of this clown, overexerting his power, smh…

  5. If the game is causing the amount of trouble this guy claims & is why he wants it banned, I can understand his want to do so. But at the same time, this says more about how many idiots are in his town more so than the game itself.

    Maybe you just decided to be mayor of a town full of idiots. After all, they did hire an idiot like you to be mayor. xD

    1. ||These foolish critics are giving the FF virus high scores, most notably the Kotakians with 8/10, these fools will cause the end of Metroid…||

  6. If it isn’t Pokemon Go it’s gonna be texting and social media that caues these accidents. Idiots causing themselves and others harm by doing this will keep doing it whether you remove Pokemon Go or not. When are people gonna get this simple concept down?

    1. Exactly. Even if the game was at fault, it doesn’t matter because idiots will always find some other means of hurting themselves or others.

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