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Here’s The Final Mario Party: Star Rush Nintendo 3DS Box-Art

We have finally got a glimpse of the final box-art design for the upcoming Mario Party: Star Rush on the Nintendo 3DS. It would appear as though the original box-art which some presumed was the final design has been canned in favour of this vibrant and colourful new box-art. You can check it out below.



13 thoughts on “Here’s The Final Mario Party: Star Rush Nintendo 3DS Box-Art”

  1. It’s… IT’S…

    It’s awful, it’s just awful. It’s as generic as generic can get.

    On a side note, when are the Super Mario amiibo wave 2 figures coming out? I need that Waluigi and glow-in-the-dark Boo.

  2. “the original box-art which some presumed was the final design has been canned”

    I see what you did there…

  3. I wish Mario Party would go back to it’s roots. The roots it had in Mario Party 2. Mario Party 9 and 10 were so disappointing, I fear it’s never gonna be good again. I always hoped that when Mario Party 10 came out, that it would feature all mini-games and boards from every Mario Party. But….nuff said. (

    1. You had your hopes set a little too high if you thought MP10 would have that much content.
      Every mini-game and board from all previous 9 entries? Holy cow.

      I also wish it’d go back to its roots though. At least this new one isn’t forcing the car gimmick anymore (from what I’ve seen, at least).

  4. Nice box art. It makes it look like the virtual board game is great. Til you play it & realize it’s not even a fucking virtual board game as people don’t have to take turns like in a board game. Just throw this into the same fire that contains Mario Tennis: Ultra Trash and Paper Mario Sticker Star & will soon have FedshitForce and hopefully Paper Mario: Color Crash with the “Same Generic Partner Toad in a Different Color scheme” along with it. Just like how the New Super Mario Bros games had two generic Toads in different colors in the game as Players 3 & 4.

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