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Concept Art From Cancelled ‘Epic Donald’ Game Surfaces

Concept art from a cancelled ‘Epic Donald’ game has recently been put on eBay by Disney artist Patrick Block. Originally intended to follow on from the Epic Mickey series, Block claims the game was shelved when Disney decided to focus their gaming attention on developing apps instead. The game was being developed by Junction Point, the studio behind the original Epic Mickey games, but Disney announced its closure in early 2013. According to Block, Epic Donald would have followed the famous duck in a world inspired by Disney comics from the 1950’s. While the game was canned along with its studio, Block still has some hope for its future. However, Disney fans can only hope that the game eventually gets a release.

Walt Disney comic and gaming conceptual artist Pat Block here.
In 2012 I had the very great pleasure and honor of working with Warren Spector and Junction Point on a follow up to Disney’s Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey II.
The game was to feature Donald Duck, Duckburg, and the assorted classic world clan. I worked hard on a “Carl Barks” based Duckburg, puling scenes of the town from his comics and doing my best to keep a 1950’s feeling spirit about the game world.
Sadly, this was about the time Disney decided to switch over to it’s current gaming, more tablet oriented gaming focus.
While we were fully paid for our conceptual work on the project, to date, it has not been made.
With the new DuckTales project in the works, I have hopes we still might see the game, with some of our work, get made.


12 thoughts on “Concept Art From Cancelled ‘Epic Donald’ Game Surfaces”

  1. Oh, my… I’m a huuuge fan of the Duck family, specially of Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck. I would be a dream to play this game.

    The Lucky Dime Caper (Master System), Darkwing Duck and Duck Tales (NES) were part of the happiest time in my life.

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