Reggie Discusses Nintendo’s Future In Theme Parks

While still years away, Nintendo is working hard with Universal Studios to bring its characters to theme parks. In an interview with [a]list Daily, Nintendo’s American President discussed their relationship with Universal. According to Reggie, “the teams between Universal and Nintendo are working tremendously well together.” He even attributes this to Universal’s “affinity for [Nintendo’s] IP.”

It’s a huge opportunity. What has been really gratifying for me is that the teams between Universal and Nintendo are working tremendously well together. The Universal team not only has a wealth of experience in creating these immersive amusement interactive situations, but they also have a great affinity for our IP. What this promises for the guest at the Universal Studios theme parks is something that’s really magical.

Hinting at what fans can expect, Reggie claimed that they will be offering “something that’s really magical.” Considering that Nintendo’s presence at Universal will reportedly exceed that of Harry Potter, this is really something to get excited about. Interesting, Reggie hinted at some kind of smartphone integration. This would certainly add a unique element to the Nintendo section of the park. However, he never gives any examples of how this may work.

These theme park designers are considering that so many of their patrons have a smart device. They’re thinking about what that means to the overall experience. I’m not going to share anything in this interview, but certainly the Universal team is aware of it. Certainly it is something that they are considering as they work with us to create this theme park experience.

Universal Studios Japan is aiming to open its Nintendo area by 2020. However, Universal Studios Florida has remained silent. What do you think of Nintendo’s plans? Tell us below.

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  1. Is there a Universal theme park in America BESIDES Florida? I honestly don’t want to go to Florida. That place has been showing signs of being cursed for years now. o.O

      1. You live there!? FLEE WHILE YOU CAN!!! Especially if you live in or near Orlando, Florida. That seems to be where the curse is mainly focused. lol

          1. Too many high profile deaths or killings like Caylee Anthony to list a past case or the Orlando Nightclub Shooting to name a more recent case. o.O I’m not too keen on the “Stand Your Ground” law, either, to be honest. Maybe I’m just being paranoid.

              1. I wish it was that kind of curse since a majority of ghosts can’t actually kill you. xD

        1. i think the main curse is hurricanes. anyways i hope colorado gets some nintendo theme parks or at least add to elitch gardens which is in denver which lucky me i live in denver and pretty close to the park.

      2. The original Universal Studios to be exact, built around their famous Studio Lot Tour. For more info, Spazzmaster did a fantastic retrospective on the park.

      1. Wait. That bath salt’s meme I’ve been seeing online for the last year or so of a guy eating someone’s face was in Florida and now you’re telling me there’s been a second instance!? o.O

    1. Yep! The one in Hollywood… But I was raised by in California, and Disneyland makes it look like a cheap carnival in my opinion (ESPECIALLY when the took out the Back to the Future ride :/ ) And, to be honest, Hollywood has gotten REALLY seedy and dangerous in the past 20 years. It’s a shame too… With all the cool things you can see there :/

    1. It’ll be replacing Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone at Universal Studios Florida. The possible rumored attractions are as follows: Mario Kart as the main ride, a Donkey Kong Mine Cart Roller Coaster, and a Yoshi’s Island ride. Here’s where it gets tricky though. Yoshi’s Island is apparently only really planned for Japan right now (and Donkey Kong possibly only for Florida) and would only come here if they get rid of the E.T. ride for it. This could only be the first we see of Nintendo as a third park is heavily rumored for Universal Orlando on a huge plot of land that Comcast purchased where they could put things like Zelda and Pokemon like how they currently have the two different Harry Potter areas across different parks now. Orlando could open around the same time as Japan and nothing is being said for Hollywood currently.

      How do I know all this? I follow theme park websites and the people saying these things are the same ones who said we were getting rides for King Kong, Jimmy Fallon, and Fast & Furious way before Universal made any announcements.

        1. I check this site every day btw. I just can’t be bothered to comment anymore unless it’s a really good topic.

  2. Here’s what they need to do as part of this Universal deal: Open a Nintendo store on both American Citywalks (Los Angeles/Universal City and Orlando).

    The venue can certainly accommodate a shop at the scale of New York’s, the traffic would justify it, and it would still be few enough locations to make Nintendo stores a tourist destination. Too, this could still compliment an improved online store space (which I suggest they also seriously work on).

    1. One other perk: This would give more people the chance to watch E3 Digital Events/major Directs live with a crowd.

  3. Dang, I thought for sure the elaborate Zelda Breath of the Wild display was going to be reused at Universal. But if Japan’s isn’t ready until 2020, then US’s likely won’t be until later. By then, BotW will be old news. So, guess I won’t be riding a Mario Kart coaster in the next 5 years :(

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