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Exclusive Poster Given During Metroid Prime: Federation Force Event At Nintendo NY

Those who visited the Nintendo NY store during the Metroid Prime: Federation Force event had a chance to receive an exclusive poster featuring artwork from the recently-released first-person shooter. The poster was given to fans who played two in-game modes. One attendee even won a copy of the game, which was raffled off by Nintendo NY staff. Metroid Prime: Federation Force launched last week in North America for Nintendo 3DS.


  1. I bought Fed Force earlier this week (after searching too many places for a physical copy).
    It’s actually not a bad game. Not amazing. But pretty well-made in my opinion. It still doesn’t excuse the long absence of a true Metroid title, but I’ve been enjoying it regardless.

    1. Thanks for sharing :) How would you compare this to a game like Other M, or dare I say it, an entry in the Prime Series? I’m still not sure about even renting the game, honestly…

      1. I didn’t play a lot of Other M to be honest. I think I maybe put an hour into it before stopping. From what I played though, this game doesn’t compare much. It has most in common with the Prime series.

        In terms of game mechanics, it feels very similar to Prime. The movement feels a little slower, but the lock-on strafe-boost thingy is still intact and very quick if you’re the speed-running type, or just want to get around quicker. Your main weapon operates just like the Samus arm cannon. Has a charge beam and all. Instead of upgrades though, you’ll be suiting your custom mech with mods and aux ammo before each mission (and if you’re doing co-op,you’ll be sharing in the same pool of weaponry with your team).

        The thing that really sets this game apart from Prime is the game’s structure. It’s split into missions (all playable with up to 4-player co-op) rather than being a big open map to explore like in prior Prime games. Some missions can be fairly quick, some may be longer, around 20 min length or so. Some of the missions will even put you in larger areas, with secrets to find as well, which is the closest the game ever comes to feeling like a true Prime game. Also, playing this game in single player can be quite hard, as the difficulty does not scale. So, it’s a pretty tough game if you go that route. Heck, it can even be tough in co-op. Also, the missions have a lot of variety. It’s not all run-and-gun. Sometimes there might be stealth, escort, defense, retrieval missions.. I haven’t played two missions that felt overly similar.

        In terms of tone – I know a lot think that this game looks kiddy due to its style – it retains the tone of the Metroid series. The art felt like a conscious choice to make things easily identifiable on a smaller handheld screen like the 3DS has. But they didn’t make the game all goofy because of it. It does feel a bit lighter in tone BECAUSE of the style they chose, but that quickly fades away when you’re being swarmed by oncoming waves of space pirates.

        Overall.. i think it’s worth a rental at the least. The online is VERY solid, easily the best (most stable) I’ve played on 3DS, if not on all of Nintendo’s systems. Pretty surprising for a game no one cares about. I’ve never had troubles finding a lobby though, and every time I’ve opened my own it fills up fairly quick. So there seems to be enough people playing it for now.

        1. “The online is VERY solid”

          That might have just sold me on this game. I would have enjoyed Triforce Heroes a lot more but the online was NOT very solid.

          1. Yeah, it’s very good. I’ve played with Japanese players and had no issue. And if a player drops, it won’t end the mission. So you can continue playing.

    2. We can blame the absence of a true Metroid title on the steaming pile of dogcrap that is Other M.
      They went back to the Prime format because they knew it was what people always wanted from Other M, it’s too bad that they made a fucktarded spin-off instead of a true installment.

  2. Meh. It’s still just a generally mediocre title with little replay value. It’ll fade out of existence in a few weeks like Codename Steam did back at it’s release.

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