NERD Is Apparently Behind Nintendo Classic Mini: NES Emulation

For those worried about the emulator behind the Nintendo Classic Mini you’ll be pleased to learn that both the NES emulator and operating system has actually been designed from scratch by Paris-based Nintendo European Research and Development. These are the very same people responsible for Nintendo DS emulation on Wii U, development of “super-stable 3D” for New Nintendo 3DS, the digital releases of Wii games on Wii U eShop and also the video player for the Wii U internet browser. So it sounds like we are in safe hands.



  1. ||Now you understand the reaches of my Master’s power, while the fools at NOA continue with their civilian cattleness, the NERD Hive grants true power…||

  2. nintendo coded there own retro system

    how the crying out loud is this news and how and why would i be worried about the best coders on the planet 60FPS and not a hint of screen tearing

    nintengod aint no back water turd party,i love neogaf those IDIOTS who sqay nintendo cannot code shaders n shit like that…

    if they can code a nes a snes a gameboy a ds a wii a wiiu etc etc etc etc then they can code ANYTHING

    these people are the supermo highest of the high japan and europe engineers,nintendo dont employ HACKS….

    could you imgine nintendo doing something as outright dumb as put a cell cpu in a console billions in loss and imposable to code and all its power was on paper in reality it was a cpu no better than a low end intel pile of shit

  3. I’m still wondering what stores are going to sell this when it releases? Because, with the Atari Flashbacks (and other similar plug & plays), only certain stores sold them. Such as Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club. I also saw some at a Dollar General (or, Family Dollar) store before. Also Hastings, but they’re going out of business. All I know is that I haven’t seen it on any store websites yet. It might be too early.

              1. They are predominantly in the southern states, and mostly in Texas, but they are spread around the North west coast and Mid West. Even then though, they are huge on Amazon, so anyone shopping on amazon could have bought from them.

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