Nintendo Land Is Now On Wii U eShop

Those of you who wish to add Nintendo Land to your digital library will be pleased to know that you can now purchase the game on the Wii U eShop. For whatever reason the game was noticeably absent from the eShop but it has made a glorious return. Nintendo Land can be yours for $19.99 and you can buy it here.

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    1. Though, the three multiplayer modes where massive fun, especially if you managed to get 5 players! Too bad the rest of the game ranged from mild fun, to decent, to “bleh”

    2. Your first Wii U disappointment and it was the first Wii U game. That’s what makes it worst. Nintendo Land was a good indication on what the Wii U would bring for the next few years.

    3. The game was only fun if you had multiple people to play it with, not really for 1 player….Even the 1-P games weren’t that good, only the multiplayer games where you can play with up to 5 people! I had a blast playing this game. :)

  1. Returned? So it was there before, right? It had to be because Nintendo announced around the time New Super Mario Bros. 2 that all 1st party games would also be available digitally. If so then I wonder why they took it down.
    Nintendo works in mysterious ways.

  2. Nintendoland did what pictochat did on the DS,
    just a few (new) elements to play with.
    also, one of the earlier looks on a HD Zelda, Mario and so on.
    great visuals anyways,
    and fun for a first title, i rmemeber launches with pretty much zero actually fun titles.
    or rememeber the PS2 launch lineup? truly horrible graphics compared to the second batch or later :P
    Nintendoland wasn’t that bad. it just wasn’t meant as a full big AAA game.

  3. Was there ever an explanation why is was originally available digitally, then unavailable for years, and only just now available again?

    … my best guess would be they overproduced their physical stock and wanted to clear it out first by making it physical exclusive for a time … because it seems inconcievable Nintendo would have any publishing rights issues in publishing NINTENDO LAND digitally.

    1. That makes a lot of sense, actually. I would not be surprised to learn that was one reason.

      I say one reason because I’m sure there was more to it than that, but no concise ideas.

  4. Nintendo Land: a game that would have been great for people like me that don’t have many people coming over to play video games with if it had online! But no! The old men at Nintendo still stuck in the 90s & only think about how their own little country functions thought everyone in the entire world is like Japan where everyone does their utmost to have get-togethers for multiplayer games! Or think everyone is just a little kid that plays video games with their school friends!

    1. Thankfully, they seem to be getting in touch with the entire modern world & we’ve seen more Nintendo games with online multiplayer now. A shame that still doesn’t fix the issues with Nintendo Land & Pikmin 3’s half done multiplayer.

      1. I’m willing to let those go- Nintendo Land was really just small concepts for Gamepad use, nothing truly exceptional (except maybe the Yoshi game and the one-to-one motion controls for the Zelda game -eat it, Skyward Sword-), and I was honestly disappointed with Pikmin 3’s grossly short single player campaign (JUST when it starts getting really good, it was over) that I didn’t bother with multiplayer.

        Let’s hope Pikmin 4 is longer and better, and that the NX has a pack-in game that emphasizes what it can do rather than a pack-in that’s there as a tideover.

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