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Video: Breath Of The Wild Teaser Reveals Special Arrow Types

As Nintendo continues to tease us with Zelda clips, the newest Breath of the Wild footage reveals the return of Link’s specialised arrows. Posted to Nintendo’s Facebook page, the latest teaser shows Link shooting fire, ice and bomb arrows. Switching between items looks smooth, thankfully since Link seems to have a huge amount of weaponry in the upcoming game. Have you enjoyed all these Zelda teasers? Comment below.

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13 thoughts on “Video: Breath Of The Wild Teaser Reveals Special Arrow Types”

      1. I can’t help but feel the same way. It’s like they’re sloooowly building up to a huge reveal of everything; Even these mini clips started so late, I feel like it has to be a small sign of what’s to come next month or whenever.

        1. I hope they dont reveal too much more. Im already sold on the game, and so is most everybody else. Anything they show now would start creeping into the spoiler catagory. I dont want to see anything besides the little island they have shown off.

          1. I think they’ll at least hint at what the actual story is and show how it looks running on NX… Some people aren’t into it yet because all they’ve shown in trailers is gameplay mechanics that can be found in other games. I’ve seen people legitimately worried that there isn’t really a story this time other than find Ganon and so I think before launch we might get a little more info about that as they begin to truly market the game and release date.

            (They also might show us a little of what a full fledged dungeon might look like if those exist this time around… all we’ve seen so far are Shrines)

    1. Um. Are you blind? Showing towns would be asking to spoil the game. It’s clear the towns are going to play a part of the story. Them showing this amount of gameplay as it is already has hundred’s of customers at their door with their wallets. Why would they head into spoiler territory and ruin the NX’s potential selling?

    2. They already said during treehouse at E3 there would be towns and villages in the game. Why would you need to see them? You will see them when you play the game in 2018……. I mean 2017.

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