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Joe Zieja Talks About Voicing Fox McCloud In SFZ: The Battle Begins

Nintendo Life recently had an interview with Joe Zieja, the voice of Fox McCloud in the animated short movie Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins.

When asked about the audition for the role, Joe Zieja mentioned that he had no idea what it was that he was auditioning for at first, and that it was a code-named project:

“I auditioned for a code-named project and had absolutely no idea what it was. I didn’t even know it was anything big. The specs just described what they were looking for and asked that only talent in the LA area audition, so I did.”

He then heard back about his audition to learn that the casting call was by Nintendo, and that he would soon be the voice of Fox McCloud. Zieja also advised that he had less than two days to prepare, from finding out that he was successful in his audition, to beginning recording in the studio:

“Then one Saturday I get an NDA from Nintendo, and I think “oh, cool. I probably got Shopkeeper #5 in something or other.” Then the next email came with Fox’s picture on it and I lost my mind.”

“Remember how I said in the last question that I got that NDA on a Saturday? The recording date was Monday. I had no time at all to prepare, which happens all the time. I searched frantically for my copy of Star Fox 64 and blubbered at my wife – that was the extent of my preparation. Never found the cartridge, by the way.”

You can check out the full interview here.

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  1. Quite honestly, the cast they have in the short are thousands of times better than in-game… I liked having some of the OG cast, but these guys did so much better…

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