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Video: New Breath Of The Wild Teaser Shows Off Some Of Link’s Weapons

As the steady stream of Breath of the Wild teasers continues, Nintendo of America’s Twitter account has just released a clip highlighting some of the weapons Link will be using in the upcoming game. It seems Link won’t be limited to just swords in Breath of the Wild, the teaser showing him using axes, wands and even an enemy’s arm! It looks like Nintendo will keep these videos coming until the game’s release in March 2017.

25 thoughts on “Video: New Breath Of The Wild Teaser Shows Off Some Of Link’s Weapons”

  1. Galactus The Planet Devourer

    About 6 months away!

    What’s the NX going to be called?
    Will it release same time as Breast of the Wild? What does it look like? How much? When can I preorder it? Oh man the suspense is mad!

      1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

        Organ that feeds the spawn of man processed nutrients containing whatever the adult eats. It’s all very jarring.

    1. The Nintendo Wow.I’m calling it right now.
      “Now You’re Playing With Surprise”

      Nintendo Wow. Sure to surprise.

  2. to be honest the more I see the trailer the less I am keen on the art style. I know graphic is not everything but it’s like applying the metro style you can found on windows X to Zelda. I really hate that type of style hence why I will never install windows 10 on my computer.

    For my sake the less I see the trailer, the more I am likely to buy the game. It just such a shame they went with that metro art style type cause the concept is really interesting. I would have like to see the art style we saw in the tech demo back in 2011….

    1. I’m actually the complete opposite. I wasn’t real big on it at first, but the more I see it the more I love it. I dont understand what you mean by metro art style. It’s a cel-shaded artstyle with subtle hints of Japanese Anime. To each their own, but I personally love it.

      1. I remember looking down on Wind Waker back before the game released because of the artstyle. Then I watched the trailer for it on that Master Quest bonus disc that you got for preordering Wind Waker & fell in love with it all thanks to the awesome music that played in the trailer. Then I played Twilight Princess with it’s “realistic” graphics & didn’t have nearly as much fun with it as I did Wind Waker. And because of those experiences, I realized Zelda’s artstyle could be any fucking thing it wanted to be & I’d still fucking love the game that used it all because the music & atmosphere of Zelda was still the same. Zelda could use the artstyle of the Adventures of Gumball or even Adventure Time & I’m pretty positive that I’d still love it! xD So for me, artstyle isn’t important when it comes to Zelda as only the music & the atmosphere matter.

      2. Hence why you saw me a little worried about the absence of that iconic Zelda music in a lot of the footage we’ve been getting for the game.

  3. Wait! Those were Stalchildren Link was beating the shit out of with a Bokoblin arm! :D A hint to this game being before Ocarina of Time maybe?

    1. Stalchildren only appeared in Ocarina & Majora’s Mask which gives me the impression they went extinct sometime after the events of Ocarina of Time. Or they all fled to Termina for some reason.

      1. I dont know, but that night time clip with the wind blowing looked amazing. Imagine setting everything on fire at night! And imagine the ice rod, and all the other amazing physic based items there will be. I really believe BoTW will surpass OoT… especially if there are themed based traditional dungeons…

  4. The combat is reminding me a bit of Dark Souls, with how heavy the swings and impacts are looking. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. Looks awesome though. This is looking to have some of the best Zelda combat yet, with the variety of weapons and all.

    Can’t wait…. so glad they took this direction with the game. It’s going to be glorious.

    Frame-rate looks a bit choppy at points though. That’s still my only real concern. Hopefully the NX version fixes that. I can understand why the Wii U would have issues with it. I’m admittedly a bit of a snob when it comes to steady frame-rates. It can really pull me out of the experience when a game is choppy. This is Zelda though, so I feel confident that they’ll try their hardest to fix it.

    1. Yeah. It’s looking like Dark Souls. I just hope I won’t need 2 months to find the lock-on button like I did with Bloodborne. Ay lmaoo.

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