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Nintendo 3DS Direct Coming on Thursday September 1st

Visit on Thursday, Sept. 1, at 7 a.m. PT / 10 a.m. ET for a Nintendo Direct focused on upcoming Nintendo 3DS games. NX will not be discussed or revealed in this broadcast.

74 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Direct Coming on Thursday September 1st”

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||Leave your worries behind you Kantenstain, the salvation of the Nx is at hand…||

    1. Lulzy…… ain’t me asswipe so stop it…’re wasting your time…they want believe your Snaggle Puss ass lol

    2. I don’t think so paid, remember that Kimishima-san said that NX is not a hybrid but a family of devices…. smh

  1. I’m thinking that Nintendo will bring back Spaceworld but it won’t be called that. Probably towards the last two weeks of September is when we’ll see a Spaceworld type style Direct aka a dedicated Nintendo E3 like event. I think Nintendo will invite all members of the press and even the public to celebrate the unveiling of the NX. They’re obviously gonna wait for Sony to unveil the Neo just to ensure that their ” idea ” doesn’t get copied……..just my thoughts

      1. Same. I’m a fairly patient guy but Nintendo is really pushing it lol. We barely have any games coming for the Wii U and the 3DS for the matter but they can’t at least give us a date for when they will talk about the NX? I hope it’s really worth it considering how secretive they’re being

      1. Cool story Snaggle Puss. Don’t try to severely hurt yourself when your game becomes nothing like you Lulzy lol

  2. I am not wasting a single dollar more on the 3DS until I hear something about the NX from Nintendo, because I bet it’ll be backwards compatible.

    1. Hate to be the bearer of bad news… but the NX won’t have backwards compatibility. You’ll just have to buy 3DS games ONLY on your 3DS.

  3. When I saw this article the only thing I read was “Nintendo…Direct Coming…September 1st” and nearly freaked out. Then I saw “NX will not be discussed or revealed in this broadcast.”

    And I died a little inside.

    1. Oh god! Now I’m scared that it’ll be more like 45 minutes wasted just so they can surprise those of us expecting 30 minutes on the abomination!

  4. So I was right about Nintendo sticking with an “every 3 months” pattern for “upcoming content” overviews. I just never expected this to be the focus. Maybe part of the first 10 minutes, but not the focus.

    A lot of me thinking the NX reveal was this month hinged on that pattern. Now that pattern is satisfied by something else. It’s right at the beginning of the month, so who knows? We may see something in late September.

    At this point one of two things will happen:

    1) The NX reveal will haplen outside of the current Direct pattern.
    2) They really are going to wait until December to reveal NX.

    I really hope for Nintendo’s sake that they’re not going with #2. That eliminates a huge chunk of holiday pre-ordering by not going before Black Friday. I hope ” 3 months before launch” really doesn’t register as a “good idea” to them.

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  6. Galactus The Planet Devourer

    C’mon Nintendo! You better change that direct to the NX reveal!
    …so, exhausted.
    …haven’t eaten any planets since 2010
    Oh Nintendo I haven’t been this hyped since I first read about Nintendo “Revolution” (which shoulda been its name way cooler than “Wii”) and i just hope in the long run I’m not let down like I was with Wii and I hope I never feel as jaded as the Wii U has left me.
    I might need therapy Nintendo.
    I just might need some kinda relationship commitment from you. Just a promise you’ll be faithful cuz that Wii was a dirty bird flockin down the streets at night letting all kinds of bums in.
    I’m not looking for some top shelf escort.
    I just want a fine piece of ass that worth the wait cuz you know they’re the one you wanna get pregnant and trap!
    Cmon Nintendo. Stop playing with my heart.

  7. “Here’s a Nintendo Direct after months of silence! Oh wait! You were expecting a Direct for NX? No. This is for 3DS.” I just died a little inside.

    Replace the reverend slamming his hand on the bible with Reggie the Retard declaring the Wii U the best invention since sliced bread as he slams his fist on it!

  8. That’s odd….but I’ll wait to see what it’s about. I can see people are flipping out over something they know nothing about….again. I still remember when they did this with E3 and we know how that went. XD Calm down people.

    1. Nintendo’s E3 this year was still 50% terrible. If not for Zelda & Pokemon, it would have been a total shitstorm.

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