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Rumour: Nintendo NX Might Be Region Free

Nintendo informer Emily Rogers is reporting that the Nintendo NX platform should be region free. The upcoming system would join the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which are both region free platforms. The Nintendo NX was expected to be region free based on previous comments from Nintendo who have come under a lot of criticism for region locking their games. For those unaware this means that you will be able to play games from different countries on your system, so if you have an American unit you can play Japanese and European games.

“Dev kits and prototypes are region free. I heard Retail units might be region free too”


51 thoughts on “Rumour: Nintendo NX Might Be Region Free”

      1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

        My sources say that the NX will most certainly NOT be region free.
        My sources also indicate that tegra X2 will be the chip used. The reason being, in 2013 President Iwata noted that the price wasnt the Wii U’s problem as most people skipped the basic white console for the more expensive black deluxe console. The High order has taken this into consideration when deciding to go ahead and use a modified version of the X2.

          1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

            “Affordable” becomes a very flexible word if you can convince consumers that your console meets or exceeds their personal needs and desires.

          1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

            ||Silence, The First Order doesn’t care about anything other than the rise of Nintendo…||

  1. This would certainly be a cool feature. That way, if there’s any cool games that come out exclusively in another region, we can still play them. Though I sure wish I knew how to read Japanese. There’s no sense in buying most Japanese games if you can’t read or understand them. At least the PAL games are in English. I’m still disgusted that Tingle’s Love Balloon Trip for the DS was never released in English. I loved Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland. Despite how weird it was.

  2. A region-free console would put an end to localization – – cough, censorship, cough – – problems if games started to be released with native multilanguage support. However, we are talking about ER and Nintendo, so… This is going to be debunked eventually.

    1. I still think NOA would localize certain games. For one, the main reason they localize games is the language barrier. They have to translate certain games into English. Another reason they localize games is to avoid “consumer outrage” by censoring parts of the games that they believe to be controversial. Basically saying they are scared of pissing off any parents. But that is such a 90’s mentality, as parents today dont really care about what kind of games their kids are playing. So unfortunately I believe NOA will continue their ridiculous localizing, but at least we will be lucky enough to play the Japanese (original) versions of the games this time around.

  3. “Dev kits and prototypes are region free. I heard Retail units might be region free too”

    Dev kits are region free for all consoles and have been for decades. Wait until this is confirmed as official and don’t be surprised if it turns out to be false. If it’s true, however, I’d say expect a lot of complaining from people importing stuff thinking it will magically change to English once inserted in that system…

  4. I do reflect more on a rumor when I see Emily Rogers’ name (not exclusively, mind you), but calling her a “Nintendo Informer” rather cheapens the term…
    And she is practically oozing potential information, so it shall be seen in due time if she indeed have steered or if she’s merely riding the ‘Hype-Train’.
    The more of her I read, the more it feels like she’s trying to hard however. Which, if true, is sad really..

        1. The other is a loser named Entropic Void on YouTube formely known as TheLulzyArtist. The guy is obsessed with me but he claims to be indie game developer. I mindfucked him to a point to where clinically insane lol

  5. The one rumor I actually hope she’s right on. This means we will get to play games like DragonQuest X and XI if this is true. This would be so awesome but Emily if you’re wrong your credibility will be nonexistent to a lot of Nintendo fans

    1. I heard Retail units “might” be region free too.

      Her use of the word “might” means there will be no guarantee that this will be true. I wouldn’t get your hopes up on this one.

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  7. I doubt it, Nintendo chooses to stay stupid as always and they’ll region lock it, they don’t want people to be playing the actual games, only Treehouse’s butchered cut. Also, this has been an industry standard for like 10 or 15 years, Nintendo adapting it now would just be pretty pathetic, if long-overdue.

    1. I highly doubt that would ever happen, Gomez. Nintendo’s image is gonna change and, right now, it’s already changing. Just you wait until it’s 100% confirmed.

      PS. I’m voting for Napoleon Dynamite instead of you, Pedro.

  8. Galactus The Planet Devourer

    Remember when Kimishima said, “We plan to support 3DS for more years to come”
    So now Nintendo announced a new Galaxy themed NEW 3DS XL and a Nintendo Direct only focusing on 3DS and she assumes they must be supporting it for a couple more years.
    Makes sense. But you know what?
    I still don’t believe they will.
    Simply because every time they release a new console support for the old one drops off quite a bit.
    Well… You know of a ton of games in the pipeline right now? Nope!
    That’s because I think they’re close to releasing the next thing.

    1. I agree. Although the 3DS is printing good bucks for Nintendo, history indeed shows that the support for old platforms drops once the new whatever is out. This happened every generation I can remember of. But things could change, who knows? In addition, maybe the NX is not a handheld-centred platform, which implies the 3DS will fill that gap until the next portable comes out.

    2. Well, they announced a entirely new IP for the system called “Ever Oasis” for the 3DS, which is supposed to come out sometime next year. Nintendo doesn’t announce games (let alone an entirely new IP) on a system that might be on its way out. Now, you can argue “Zelda: Twilight Princess” and “Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, but they came out on the same day as the new system. The release date of both versions of the game (Zelda: TP) were known the same time we knew of the exact release date of the Wii system. We don’t even know when Ever Oasis is coming out (except “sometime next year”). And it’s not coming out for the NX. As for Zelda: BotW, same thing. Lastly, Zelda wasn’t a new IP either as of 2015 or 2005 (when I believe TP was announced).

      I don’t really understand the logic behind what you’re saying here: the fact that they have a new front design for the new 3DS XL and the fact that they have a Nintendo Direct dedicated to the 3DS (as apposed to giving out more info about the NX or general Nintendo news) is ABSOLUTELY a sign that Nintendo is still going to sell the 3DS for some time.

      Unless you can prove otherwise using Nintendo’s history, we can safety assume that the 3DS is here to stay for a bit longer.

      And by the way, the NX wasn’t supposed to replace the 3DS AND Wii U at the same time, if that’s what you’re thinking; the way Nintendo is acting this year suggests that the 3DS is safe this year and next year while the Wii U is the one that should be concerned.

    3. Keep in mind that I’m not saying that you’re wrong (go in my comments and try to prove me wrong that I said that you’re wrong). I’m just curious as to where in Nintendo’s history makes you think that specifically, the 3DS will die out at (I’m assuming the same year as the NX).

      Now, I’ll be the first to say that Nintendo’s actions are sometimes very unpredictable (though, I don’t know why they have to be predicable; no company would want to be predicable for competitive reasons) and that what you’re saying could be true, but this time I doubt it; why waste money doing this stuff and then cancel it out 6 months later. At least the Wii U activity has died down, so it makes sense to kill it off in mere months after the NX release. The 3DS’ ad activity has, if anything, picked up more steam.

      I’m actually very curious in your thought process behind this and I’m looking forward to hearing it.

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  10. As sick of rumors as I am, I hope this one is true. It won’t be a deal-maker for me, but it will assure me that Ninty has finally realized how stupid they’ve been about region-locking in the past and how it hurts more than helps.

    1. As much as I agree that region locking is annoying, I seriously doubt it would help with anything. Take Australia. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the only region with a region free 3DS. I doubt it’s selling really well just because of that; it’s most likely at the same level as Europe.

      Also, even if they did region free systems, it would most likely be limited to the physical releases. I’m one of several that don’t buy physical releases (because I don’t have a lot of space in my apartment). I buy a lot of games, especially VC and indie games that are most likely never going to be physical. I don’t think Nintendo is going to easily allow you to get Japan-only eShop releases. Hell, Sony doesn’t properly have support for it since you have to do some weirdly odd shit to pull it off.

      I’m not saying it will never help, but looking at Australia as an example, I have my doubts.

      1. I’m looking at a game library perspective.

        I have a friend who is a big Shonen Jump fan who imported, I think it was called Shonen Jump All-Stars, which was never released here. I can’t remember if it was for GBA or the original DS but I was over at his place when it was delivered. He opened it up, popped it in, and started playing without a problem, save for all the Japanese text neither of us could read.

        That’s why I’m against region-locking- so I could play games that do not officially come here (like Ace Attorney Investigations 2) if they are something I want to play.

      2. I was going to try get the Japan digital release of Capcom VS SNK 2 for PS3 because it had online play while the US version didn’t but when I glanced over the process to do so it just seemed like more of a hassle than it was worth.

  11. If it’s region free on top of having a universal account system, I’ll gladly buy the NX on day 1 because then I could avoid NoA’s atrocious, despicable, & disgusting censorship of games that, quite frankly, don’t need to be censored because the rating fucking allows leeway for nudity & harsh or sexual language as long as it’s either brief or mild. Teenagers are exposed to this stuff whether it’s from video games, movies, or even their own peers. It’s not the end of the world if a 14 or 15 year old hears someone scream bitch or sees a side boob or exposed cleavage or hears someone saying something sexually suggestive. I also find it funny when people freak out over seeing a naked butt that EVERYONE has. Seriously!? Even animals have it! Get over it, prudes! *cough, cough*

    1. Yup, pretty much. No need to be family-friendly all the time – – or whatever politically correct Nintendo wants to be. And, interestingly, NoA insists in calling censorship by “localization”. What a bunch of hypocritical dudes.

  12. how to rearrange a fact to make it a rumour….. Of course the dev kits are region free!!!!! Now Nintendo and region free in the same sentence does not exist and I am sure they won’t allow that.

    Nintendo always want to be seen as family friend and they main target are children and casuals (mobile gamers).

    So having region lock is controlling the release (when they think they can sell a product) by not doing too much, make sure they are politically correct and make sure each company ( nintendo Japan/NOA/ EU and the rest) have their share of the cake as well as protecting their sells. No chance in the world would change that, there is too much too lose (they point of view not mine) for them.

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