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My Nintendo: Gold Points Are Now Valid For 12 Months

Nintendo has confirmed via the My Nintendo site that the rewards program is undergoing a small change. Gold Points are now valid for twelve months rather than six months which was admittedly too short a time period. However, Platinum Points still need to be used by six months, so be sure to get spending them on something if there’s anything that catches your eye.

Effective immediately, the validity of Gold Points has been extended to a period of 12 months. This change applies to all Gold Points already earned as well as those earned from now on.

The expiry date for Gold Points is now set to the end of the month, 12 months after they’re collected.

• Gold Points collected on 15/06/2016 expire after 30/06/2017.
• Gold Points collected on 31/10/2016 expire after 31/10/2017.

Platinum Points are not affected by this change. Their validity period remains at six months.


21 thoughts on “My Nintendo: Gold Points Are Now Valid For 12 Months”

  1. If only there was something to spend them on. I get why Platinum points eon’t give you really good rewards, as you can simply harvest them, but gold points SHOULD be worth decent rewards.

    1. I wish NoA would wake up sometimes, since they apparently decided that MyNintendo US only needs to have things added every other month, even though items still roll off during those down months, meaning that there’s usually nothing for one-two months at a time (and only six total times when full months are available).

      Don’t even get me started on the rewards themselves, since the only good Gold Coins rewards have been Wario Land 3, DKCR, and Luigi U (but the latter two costed too much in Gold Coins considering how old they were).

      Then again, they could just give us nothing at all, and it’d just be relatively the same as it was back when Club Nintendo was down and there was no MyNintendo yet (at least I was looking forward to a potentially great service back then— only to have my hopes dashed when MyNintendo came out…).

      1. I redeemed Donkey Kong 3 the other day. Personally, it’s a very nostalgic game for me because I used to play it in the arcade when I was a kid. I think it’s a nice change of pace compared to DK and DJ Jr. If you’ve never played it you might want to try it out, it’s a fun little game.

      2. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

        It was the same with club nintendo. While they did have a bit more variety, it was rarely very good variety. It was only now and again that we would get decent rewards. So far, it hasn’t given me any incentive on buying digital.

        1. For what I remember Clun Nintendo Was SO MUCH BETTER that this -.-
          I got Punch Out, PiCTOBiTS and Exitebike…so much better prices that the shits that they give now.

          And want to know another think? I have 20 Gold Coins (I don´t remember what did I guy) and the less expensive game is 30 coins…guest I will have to buy a shitty game to redeem a shity game -.-

  2. I didn’t know they expired at all. Hopefully you get a courtesy warning. Otherwise I’d unknowingly let them go to waste for there’s not a whole lot to redeem them for…

  3. I agree that the rewards should be better (or at least more versitile, and applicable to whatever you want) and Gold Coins should Never expire.

    My problem is, more often than not, when the new set of gold rewards appear … I already HAVE all of those games, and DLC (they are often what I bought to EARN those coins) … at least the ones I have any interest in at all. 30% off a $30-$60 game I have no interest in at all is no reward.

    You SHOULD be able to spend them on 10-25% off ANY GAME You Want (depending on the game and publisher agreements), or the same number of coins for 35-50% off a Featured game, plus continue to offer 100% purchase of Virtual Console and unique, small games, but maybe offer a few more optiins per month.

    1. (*Options) Ugh … I wish I had at least a 90 second window to edit my posts here. There is at least one typo I miss in almost every message I type on this site, and I always see it within 10 seconds after posting it.

  4. I’d happily spend my Platinium Points, if there was anything worth spending them on. Some Miitomo clothes or a coupon isn’t cutting it.

    Honestly, let us exchange them for Gold Coins. Maybe 1000 P for 1 G? People’d be up for that, right?

    Of course, points shouldn’t expire, but hey, why do things that make sense?

  5. i say gold should be 5 years and platinum should be 2 years otherwise unused coins (gold and platinum) should be automatically be credited as eshop credit, every 10 gold coins should be $5 eshop if unused by 12 months and every 1000 platinum coins should also be $5 eshop credit if unused, otherwise its wasted coins.

  6. I’d rather they do away with the expiration date altogether. If not, at least TWO-THREE years before they expire like how it was in Club Nintendo. And as Carlos Mendoza said, if we are to suffer an expiration date, it’d be nice if they were converted into eShop credit once they do expire. It doesn’t have to be too much, though. Maybe 2 cents per gold coin & 1 cent per platinum coin.

  7. Metroid II is for 30 Gold right now, eh?

    Seems like now’s a good time to get it then- probably the only Metroid I haven’t played at all yet outside of Prime Pinball and that-which-will-not-be-named.

    1. What’s this “that-which-will-not-be-named” that thou speaketh of? I only know of Metroid, Zero Mission, Prime, Hunters, Echoes, Corruption, Return, Super, & Fusion. There are no other Metroids! I repeat! There are NO others!

  8. I do believe some nintendo staff read the comment sections of my nintendo news. Well listen then. If I understand your logic you want us to buy between 10 to 20 games a years and at least one system to even be eligible for something in My Nintendo. Knowing that one game is around £30 so we have to spend an average of £360 per year to have something shit on my Nintendo. I really believe you guys did not get it at all and you did not learn from Nintendo club which was shit in the first place. Personally I had 7800 stars and could not have anything decent at all.

    Here an advice from a Nintendo customer since 1989:
    1) Don’t put any expiration on coin.
    2) Don’t set the coin bar too high for 75% of the item. At the minute you need 10 millions platinum coins to have a sticker where NINTENDO is written on it. I am not even talking about a Mario sticker cause you will need 50 millions platinum coins for it.
    3) 1 and 2 should highlight the fact you need to stroke a balance between time and value of reward items. I don’t know if my Nintendo club was successful but it seems there are a lot of consumers around the global who did not get a lot of thing from it and my Nintendo will have the same fate. Unless Nintendo is happy with how Nintendo club performed in the past then keep going.

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