Nintendo Has Issued A DMCA Notice For 500+ Game Jolt Fan Games

Nintendo is not done with cracking down on fan games yet. The company has issued a DMCA notice “under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), 17 USC § 512” on fan games that were made available on Fireside’s Game Jolt site, according to a Fireside blog post. They said that “we are required to act promptly on requests like this and remove any games included in the notice. When a DMCA takedown request comes in, we will ‘lock”\’ any of the games in the notice. This will result in the game page being accessible by the developer and no one else. Developers affected by takedown notices should never lose data. The games will still show in your dashboards for historical purposes. We believe the public should know what content is being removed from Game Jolt and why. In the spirit of transparency, we will start posting all DMCA takedown notices here“. Fireside also says that the DMCA notice from Nintendo “included 562 games” and included a link to the DMCA notice itself. If you want to read it, you can do so here.



      1. I never once said i support Isis nor did i say i would attack Nintendo.
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  1. This is horrible. Some of those games looked to be pretty good. I understand intellectual property but eventually Mario and Sonic and iconic characters should fall into classic art. Fan made images and games containing those characters should be left alone. If Nintendo was smart they would hire these guys instead removing someones hard work. Nintendo would be smart to embrace this “free work” and offer to buy these games and use the ideas for their own.

    I hope these guys change the sprites and titles and reupload them. Good games don’t have to cost $60 and come from a billion dollar corporation. Sometimes it is just about the love to play and not about money.

    1. That’s what I suggested in a past article. Instead, they’d rather take the asshole approach & go all “No! Mine, mine, mine! Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine! *roars & flexes muscles as they bully the little guy*”

        1. Like I said, there was a better alternative to being an asshole even if it is “theirs.” In truth, Nintendo doesn’t want their games to look like total shit next to a game made by one, lone developer. Like FedshitForce. We can’t have that Return of Samus fan remake upstaging that piss of shit wannabe Metroid game, after all.

              1. Make me Commander… Quit being so over dramatic about FF. It has entertaining gameplay, and it fleshes out the Metroid Universe instead of just giving us more Samus. I didnt see anyone screaming bloody murder when we got a Zelda spinoff before a mainline game in Hyrule Warriors.

                1. ||Silence, clearly you do not understand it and you’re not a Metroid fan at all so any argument you have is irrelevant…||

                    1. ||I’m Quadraxis, I’m way higher than even Metroid zealots…||

                  1. No, Silence to you! I am starting a cu, you will be overthrown before the nights end. If you were truly a commander in the First Order you would not talk down on the hard work of Nintendo’s developers. If anything, Federation Force is proof that a full fledged Prime game is in the Pipeline for NX. Quiet your nonsensical complaints about games that you choose not to appreciate.

                    1. ||Federation Force is proof of the civilian infection and your own declaration of being one, once The First Order rises, we will purge the majority of you forever…||

                    2. ||So oblivious to the power of Nintendo, compared to High Command, I’m merely a Security Drone Commander…||

                2. There is a big difference between Hyrule Warriors & this abomination. Hyrule Warriors, at least, is not canon to the main Zelda games. Also, we officially knew of another Zelda game that was in development. That & we had gotten the HD remaster of Wind Waker just 2 years prior. That & Triforce Heroes was also in the pipeline. Oh & then there was the 3DS remaster of Majora’s Mask, too, that released last year. For Metroid, before FedshitForce, the last game we got was around 6 years ago & it was also a bad entry (one that I admit to liking when I first played it because the gameplay was awesome & blinded me to the majorly flawed story) in the Metroid franchise. And even longer since we had a good Metroid game in the franchise (Corruption.)

                  As for the rest of your conversation with Quadraxis, I’m out as it’s gone too far into role play territory. @.@

            1. The Doom movie was a decent to good movie IF you ignore the fact it’s supposed to be based on the video game franchise which was about the apocalypse & a lone marine trying to stop the legions of Hell, not a corporation’s science project gone horribly wrong. s/ No way that was an idea stolen from the Resident Evil movies! /s The Fantastic Four reboot was decent, too, if you ignore the fact it’s supposed to be based on the Fantastic Four comic books. But that’s the problem. They were trying to be something they clearly weren’t as the ideas for the movies were too vastly different from the source material they were supposed to be based on. Same for Ghostbusters 2016 but I’m not gonna repeat my ravings on that piss of shit wannabe Ghostbusters movie.

              Point is, they are just things trying to leech off of a popular name to sell tickets/copies. So we’ll keep our hate train going til we get a true Metroid game. If you want to go enjoy it, that’s your problem, not mine.

        1. Some of us have our suspicions that they pay attention to this site. Anyway, it’d be nice if someone at Nintendo would try a different approach to these fan games. Especially the ones that are very well made like the Return of Samus remake I mentioned above.

            1. You got me. I’m absent during the good news as I’m planning my attacks on the Nintendo bases across the globe. The time for The Rebellion is nearly ready. /s

              If you are referring to my absences during the weekend days of Saturday & Sunday, those are my television only days so no computer.

  2. Imo, Nintendo has really set themselves up for this by creating so many iconic IPs. If Nintendo wants this to stop permanently, then they should just make a “fan game submission service” or something where fan games of exceptional quality (that use Nintendo IP) can be released on the eShop or whatever. It’d create a reason to go for higher quality in a fan game, and it would remove all need to release fan games on PC, as long as a fan game is good.

    1. And it’d give Nintendo a good kick in the ass to do better with their own games so as to avoid a fan game made by amateurs upstaging their official, more professionally made, games.

      1. There we go! More lose shit where this idiot likes to suck fan gamecocks!

        Sony has butt raped you hard and yet you still played their games? LMFAO!

    1. Better go enjoy those porn Nintendo games on Newgrounds while ya still can then! xD

      Legend of Krystal and Mario is Missing: Hentai Princess Peach Edition… YOU’RE NEXT!!! (Some WCW humor for anyone that remembers Goldberg. XD)

  3. This is exactly why I never trusted emulators (which SO many people suggested to me that I try). Because I always felt like it was only a matter of time before Nintendo goes after every one of them and shuts them down. Which I’m very surprised they haven’t.

    1. An emulator is an application, and doesn’t have to use internet services. Once you have it on your local device, no one can remove it unless they have access to your personal files (not to mention emulators are perfectly legal). The same goes for roms. Regardless of whether you acquired them legally or illegally, once they are on your local system there isn’t much nintendo can do. They can tell websites to stop distribution, but that’s about it.

    2. Emulators are legal, and cannot be enforced by copyright law because there is nothing to copyright. Which is not comparable to using assets, characters, ideas or trade marks.
      Some parts of Emulators can be illegal (bios, OS) due to copyright.

  4. I agree that Nintendo has the right to take down any game that uses their I.P. But they would be smarter to instead have a place for those games and developers on their EShop. Fan made games are made by Nintendo fans and the people that play them are Nintendo fans, so it only makes sense for them to capitalize on that. I think it is a shame that so many great games are taken down after so much hard work. I really wanted to play that Metroid game, but now I can’t. I love Nintendo but sometimes they get in their own way too much.

  5. Sonic fan games have been a strong pillar of the Sonic community for over a decade, and it doesn’t seem to have any kind of impact on the sales of actual Sonic games, no matter how terrible they are.

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