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Terraria Gets Final Update On Wii U Due To “Technical Limitations”

The Wii U version of Terraria recently received its very last update, which is the final one due to “technical limitations” related to what the hardware is capable of. The patch introduces a new NPC called the Stylist, new mechanics, new items and changes to art and balance. Check out developer 505 Games‘ explanation for why it is the last update on Wii U:

This update is intended to draw a line under Terraria on Wii U as it did with the other platforms – so we are afraid that no further updates for Wii U will be possible due to technical limitations. Bear in mind that you now have the same great content in two hits. There were more updates on the other platforms simply because they were released earlier. The content is the same. The logic for being unable to further update Wii U is, regrettably, the same as the ‘old gen’ machines – though the Wii U does admittedly have more resources than the 360/PS3, it is still a fraction as capable as PS4 and Xbox One, and we need all their available horsepower to take Terraria where we want to go next. This version will still be able to play online, so you can continue to enjoy it as long as you’re gaming on the Wii U platform. By the time the next update rolls out on PS4/Xbox One we’ll be very close to the launch of NX… But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


41 thoughts on “Terraria Gets Final Update On Wii U Due To “Technical Limitations””

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  1. Technical limitations? You’re saying the Wii U, a system capable of handling games like Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is having trouble with a game that could run on the SNES? Come on that’s bull crap! Is there something I’m missing? Because if there is someone plz tell me.

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||Lazyness, but then again nobody can optimise a weapon like High Command, unless it’s the traitor Tanabe…||

          1. But why? What’s in terraria that needs all that ram? Huge open world? Xenoblade Chronicles X and Zelda : BotW have that. Next to no loading screens? Again we have that. Near Xbox One level graphics? Oh wait, thats just Xenoblade and Zelda. Really i think its just lazy optimization.

            1. Since no one here seems to be giving the explanation and just calling it lazy, I’ll give you the details.

              “Why are we no longer providing updates for old-gen?”

              “Simply put, these consoles are 12 years old at this point, and we are running into hardware requirement issues (as some of you saw with Vita): as Terraria has grown over the years, its hardware demands have as well – with 1.3 being a sizeable jumping-off point. This also means that we would likely have to substantially “hold back” current gen possibilities in order to make things work with the “lowest common denominator.”

              “So, that being the case and in order to continue to give all users the best Terraria experience, we needed to draw a line here that allows old gen players to have a stable and authentic game experience – even if that means being stopped at 1.2.4 tier content – while also enabling current gen consoles to fully leverage their more current hardware.”

              “We explored a few possible approaches to make 1.3 work, but – to be frank – none of them were really acceptable. They required too much in the way of compromising the Terraria console gameplay experience and still left some lingering stability concerns, all while drawing in a rather large amount of resources to make it work at all – resources that we ultimately feel would be better used to push Terraria forward further and faster.”

  2. They really need to quit giving this stupid excuse. Just be honest. When they lie they hurt their chances of people like me who haven’t purchased their games from every supporting them. Just say that they cannot justify further updates due to low sales. Or, we can’t figure out how to optimize the game efficiently and cost effective. Claiming there are technical limitations is insulting. It really is. Nintendo has already shown how much the hardware is capable of with Zelda, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong and Smash. No, Terraria is NOT on that level. It’s incompetence, laziness, or not cost effective. That’s it. They just lost a potential sale.

      1. Or how big the world is. You can make the world as big as XCX & give it 2D graphics but if size is all it has going on as no weather effects, no enemies roaming the fields, no change in night or day, etc, that size could easily work on a PS2. But then where is the fun in a game that has no enemies or weather effects or grass getting blown by the wind. It’s just a barebone field that you simply run around on with nothing else to do.

  3. It’s absolutely ridiculous to claim that a 2D sprite-based game reached it’s hardware limit on the Wii U. Like a low-res 2D game would need a PS4 to run its tripple A graphics and physics engine.

  4. Cutting support for a dying console was the right move anyways, allows more time and effort to go into the versions with the larger, more important player-bases.

  5. Well I’ve already bought this game twice, and wanted to do so again to support the Wii U version and it’s GamePad features but at this point I may as well just wait and see what they do with NX, if anything…

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  7. Just goes to show you that in this day & age, even games using sprites can be just as demanding on the RAM or whatever as those using polygons for 3D models because there is more to the data usage than just graphics.

  8. The Wii U may only have 2gb Internal Ram. However, it has a rather large CACHE, which could be used as a SWAP FILE. It is partly how Monolithsoft were able to bring XCX to Wii U.

    If memory serves me right, I read a week or so ago that Terraria had sold pretty well on the Wii U, so that should not be the reason why.

    What could be is, they only have so many Devs, artists, programmers etc., and that instead of pooring more resources into the Wii U, which Nintendo has basically said is dead now, they have put those resources into development for NX.

    Obviously, once NX launches, if there is no Terraria within the first year, than I think we can safely assume, they abandoned Nintendo.

  9. I came here after reading the latest terraria news here: and on there it says that 1.3 will be coming to mobile, and by extension it will likely be coming to 3ds as well, so this is complete and utter BULLCRAP.

  10. Well maybe before they made the game available for the WII U with low RAM maybe they should check the stats of the game instead of having an update then telling us “sorry there will be no more updates due to technical limitations” they should maybe check the size of the update check how much ram that it will take how much space and maybe before they send it give us few weeks of grief and then send it out. That would have been so much better.

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