Nintendo Announces Super Mario Run For iOS

Nintendo and Apple have announced today that they’re teaming up to bring Super Mario to the iPhone. The game is called Super Mario Run and as you would expect is a side scrolling 2D adventure where Mario runs automatically to the right. The longer you hold down on the screen the higher Mario jumps and progress is tracked by score. There’s also a new battle mode called “Toad Rally.” The game is set to launch this holiday season exclusively on the iPhone and will no doubt come to Android at a later date.


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  1. I’m rarely pissed at Nintendo for their business tactics. But it seems not even they could resist bullshit timed exclusives now. Mega sigh.

  2. ||The Xbots will never see our grand design until it’s too late…||

    1. ||The Xbots will never see our grand design until it’s too late…||

      That’s not what you were saying several months ago. It was a lot of crying about Starfox and Metroid and how the WiiU was lacking. Oh and you were QUITE upset about jump to mobile games. Hell, some time before the mobile games were announced you (along with half of this website) would vehemently argue that Nintendo would never be so low as to delve into the mobile gaming world. Yeah I remember that you disappeared sometime in February while you were going through your Nintendo fueled depression. I guess a roach always pops back up though! A roach using the same line, “our grand design”. Well you’ve been saying that for a few years now. When is it going to happen? Or have you finally gone delusional and convinced yourself that mobile gaming, along with all the other poor and casual/children-catered decisions, are your Nintendo wet dream?

      1. ||So many flaws in your arguments…||

        ||I never had any real problems with Starfox Zero, I’ve never accepted nor ever accepted the Mobile Infantry but now that it’s here, it’s a resources gathering area and nothing more…||

        ||I don’t know what upset or crying is as I cannot do such useless things, and so many of you got my disappearance wrong, it was the beginning of The First Order, not my malfunction…||

        ||Others might have said that about Nintendo never creating the Mobile Infantry, I only said it would be foolish from a warrior standpoint which it still is but alas, they created an entirely new division for it so we barley suffer the consequences of it, infact gain more resources like I mentioned before…||

        ||Our grand design will take years, do you really think we are so shortsighted?…||

      1. ||Of course I am, I was created as a Security Drone Commander for Nintendo, ergo a tool for High Command that controls itself with their directives programmed into me…||

        1. That so deserves a like for how well you handled being called a tool & even turned it around to suit your own needs. xD

    2. Nintendo just got all the way in bed with mobile gaming, and started by fucking the Apples.

      I hope you’ll be able to tell friend from foe once Nintendo is finished sleeping with the enemy… All of the enemies. You think this won’t end up on the Microsoft store? Because it will. And given Apple’s size, your being worried about the Xbox is like chasing a bread their when the syndicate is infiltrating high command.

      The enemy of my enemy is my friend, but Apple has no friends and even sue their own business partners.

      Thanks are getting damned blurry if you ask me.

      1. ||Trust me, the Applings are not coming near our machines, neither will the Xbots or anyone else…||

      2. ||By the way, just look how merciless we are against our own warriors, multiply that with 4 against non Nintendo forces…||

      3. I really doubt this will end up in Windows Store because no one but Microsoft gives a fuck about Windows Store.

        1. ||You were talking about the NX, which in turn is what I replied to…||

            1. ||High Command only cooperates with other species when it benefits our power, however, we will never corrupt our main weaponry with non Nintendo technology…||

                1. I think it would be a perfect fit on a couple levels. Apple and Nintendo have a similar business model in that they are exclusive in and of themselves… Maybe not in all cases but generally speaking they have done their own thing over the years and some have failed and some have been gigantic successes.

                  If Apple were to aid Nintendo with OS and general hardware capability leaving Nintendo to focus on the games, I would be very happy.

                  Sure, some of the people with their androids and PCs would feel quite butt hurt, and I won’t insult them because everyone has their tastes, but for me, the design and functionality of an Apple/Nintendo console would be a giant game changer. Like Microsoft, Apple would move into console gaming, however, it wouldn’t be on their own or having to come up with something new and unique… nintendo already does that and with their IP coupled with each company’s fanboy army… well, you’d have quite the stew going there that is for sure.

        1. Apple Bandai Pippin. A console, a collaboration between Apple and Bandai, that came out back in 1996 and was a total disaster. One proof of it is that you never heard of it.

    1. eww fuck no. Apple and Nintendo are totally different… Apple is the company that steals from the Nintendo’s in this word. And then goes acting like they invented that shit.. And they’d make pure overpriced shit.

      1. As if Nintendo never stole anything from Apple (or others), especially aesthetics during the Wii/DS era.

      1. What happened is Iwata did say a lot of stuff like ‘we won’t go mobile’ and ‘WiiU won’t have game droughts,’ and then he would backpedal a lot and shit. Hence the “please understand” and apology memes.

  3. I’m not fussed by the exclusivity – easy for me to say with an iOS device, but it’s not like we’re not used to Nintendo games being exclusive to a platform. My problem is that this sounds utterly devoid of imagination. If I thought of the most stock game Nintendo could have made for mobiles, a Mario auto-runner would certainly be that game.

  4. I dont see any problem.
    The sheep-minded herds exist, and they are stock with their smart devisies glued to their hands, and since they apparently throw money at anything, why not give them the option to spend it on something good?
    It will strengthen Nintendo, ergo strengthen us.

          1. There’s two versions. Just like 6/6s, there’s 7 and 7 Plus. New black and Jet Black finishes. Comes with iOS 10. There is actually no headphone jack on these phones which was a pretty controversial decision, but they’ve included earpods with lightning connector. I guess just in case you don’t have Bluetooth headphones. Anyways, there’s also a better camera and stereo speakers. 3D Touch is still there as well. It’s also water resistant and 32GB is the base model.

  5. It kinda reminds me of Bit.Trip Runner as opposed to the more popular Temple Run or Sonic endless runners or Lara Croft Relic Run… Not completely original, but at least it’s different from what the other big triple-As are doing.

    Coincidentally, like Bit Trip Runner and rather Runner 2 particularly, they both star Charles Martinez.

  6. I’m good I have a IPad :) But seriously Super Mario Run is going to dominate the mobile gaming market just Pokémon GO did. Mario is more universally known than the Pokémon series so it’s a safe bet to assume that SMR is gonna pull in similar if not more revenue than Pokémon GO. I know the game hasn’t even dropped yet but it’s a wrap for Nintendo’s mobile gaming competitors. No holiday Wii U games no problem…..Super Mario Run, Pokémon Sun And Moon and the NES Mini is gonna make Nintendo tons of money this holiday…….mark my words

    1. Possibly. But I could also see this not matching Pokemon Go, since this is just one of those runner games, whereas Pokemon Go is almost real life Pokemon. I don’t play or follow mobile gaming, so I’m not saying that people are tired of runner games. I’m just saying I could see it. You could be right though. Maybe this does surpass Pokemon Go. Either result wouldn’t surprise me.

  7. A Mario endless runner…

    So much for Nintendo entering the mobile scene the “right” way. Isn’t this the exact scenario so many have been afraid of.

    What happened to those Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem mobile games?

  8. I never been a huge fan of runners, but I’m curious about this game and I’m willing to try it.

    I prefer the Mario levels that would pan the screen to make you run through the course, but you would still have complete control of your character, like the “athletic” levels with the platforms that would fall as you walked on them. I found those levels to be fun and challenging. I wouldn’t mind having a mobile game that had levels similar to those and not have your character run automatically.

      1. Nintendo has already confirmed that it’s coming to Android ” in the future “. Most likely Apple locked up a timed exclusive deal with Nintendo so Super Mario Run can sell even more IPhone 7s

        1. well you could be right but nintendo did team up with apple to make other mobile titles in the future once the NX gets revealed and also, iphone 7 is ok but i’m not much of a apple fan i mean they are making millions out there own products. :/

  9. Terminology question: is an “endless runner” any game where your character runs automatically and you just control simple inputs like jumping or attacking, or does it specifically refer to the ones where the level is procedurally generated and you just go as long as you can until you screw up?

  10. Looks at Android tablet this message is being typed on.

    Looks at N3DS next to me that has Mario 1, 2, 3, World, NSWB2, 3DLand, MarioKart 7 and Dozens of other more worthwhile games to play on it.

    Shrugs shoulders and doesn’t care about Apple exclusive Mario lite game.

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