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Video: New Pokémon Sun And Moon Trailer Shows Off More Ultra Beasts

More Pokémon Sun and Moon news seems to be come out everyday. The latest trailer released on the Pokémon YouTube channel shows off more Ultra Beasts coming to the game. While not much is known about the Ultra Beasts, they seem to play a rather important role in the game’s story. Check out the trailer below.

16 thoughts on “Video: New Pokémon Sun And Moon Trailer Shows Off More Ultra Beasts”

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  2. It looks more like shin megami tensei stuff to me. But the fact they dont look like pokemon and are threats to the pokemon universe makes them interesting.

            1. Whether or not they’re actually connected to Lusamine or Gladion, they’re both UB-02. Just counterparts with different names. So who knows.. maybe one was created/discovered in one game, while in the other it never happened (Absorption – Sun, Beauty – Moon). Just like how Team Magma rose in Ruby and chose Groudon while in Sapphire it was completely different (exclusives with different teams, but with legendaries playing the same role in each game). And as I said, even though both characters are in each game and their supposed UB counterparts are exclusives, they will likely play the same exact role as they’re both seen fighting Tapu Koko. That’s why I think Lusamine and Gladion are twins.

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