The Great Ace Attorney 2 Announced At Tokyo Game Show

The Tokyo Game Show has been taking place over the weekend at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. At the event, Capcom had an Ace Attorney 15th anniversary stage where they announced the future arrival of The Great Ace Attorney 2: Ryunosuke Naruhodo’s Resolution.

The former title, The Great Ace Attorney, still hasn’t been localized, so those outside of Japan could be waiting for some time for the new release too. Producer Motohide Eshiro put the lack of localization down to “a number of circumstances” despite expressing his want to bring The Great Ace Attorney to the west.

There hasn’t been any news on a release date for The Great Ace Attorney 2, or confirmation of which consoles it will be released on, but an introductory trailer has been launched – check it out below:

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  1. Oh great great excuse too learn Japanese and import a Japanese system. I am so happy that i hacked all my 3ds systems. No disadvantages. Just advantages. Loving my region free system so far

  2. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll localize both and bundle it into one big game for us. I’m not sure how well Ace Attorney has been selling outside of Japan though so maybe not.

    1. Apparently Apollo Justice and Investigations didn’t sell well in the west, so they refuse to localize any game that doesn’t have Phoenix Wright in the title now.

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