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Retailers Are Heading To Nintendo Europe In Germany For “An Announcement”

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Details have surfaced indicating that retailers are heading over to Nintendo Europe in Germany for “an announcement within days”. It is not known what the announcement is, and we probably won’t know until Nintendo announces it. This is because the parties involved with the meeting have signed NDAs. The details surfaced from a tweet, which we’ve included below, and on NeoGAF. The latter doesn’t have much more on the identity of the announcement, saying that the retailers are heading there to hear “something” about Nintendo. Whatever the announcement is, we’ll let you know when it is revealed.

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61 thoughts on “Retailers Are Heading To Nintendo Europe In Germany For “An Announcement””

  1. Y’all gonna get your hopes up then bitch about it soon after, Excitement falling faster than the twin towers, Commanders be like Xbox filth this and that blah blah blah. I mean just the usual insanity on these articles..

  2. They’re just letting the retailers know when the annual poker game is. Relax. Reggie is known for his bluffs. Miyamoto usually gets the last card he needs on the river, and throws down his royal flush. It’s a heavy hitters tournament.

    1. my thoughts exactly but we cannot rule out the possibility that its nx related, that small possibility is 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001%

  3. The fact that it’s several parties and not just one indicates that this is something bigger than a single game (unless it’s Breath of the Wild, but honestly, we know enough about that after the past several months, don’t we?).

    It might not be the NX reveal itself, but I’m certain the NX has at least SOMETHING to do with it.

  4. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||The NX is only a part of that meeting, The First Order is preparing for other measures as well…||

  5. maybe its discussing its name then they revel it next week so here every thing together 10/10/16 the nx will be reveled how do i know i don’t its a guess but that’s all these rumors are.

  6. Here we go again with this:

    – Nintendo (allegedly) intends to announce something
    – The Nintendo community thinks it’s the NX
    – Nintendo doesn’t announce the NX
    – The Nintendo community complains (even though, in most cases, Nintendo clearly states the opposite beforehand)
    – Raise and repeat

    Clearly no one knows what’s happening:

    … Nintendo knows that you know they’re going to make an NX announcement and they’re purposely delaying it. Every time you think it’s the NX, it’s probably the NX, but Nintendo wants to troll and purposely delay it. So here’s the solution: everyone should think that this is a normal thing so that Nintendo releases NX details. It’s reverse psychology. Isn’t that amazing!?!?


    That was a joke. You can proceed to taking off your tin-foil hats now (I’m tired as hell right now).

    But seriously everyone: relax and calm your balls down or you’ll get high blood pressure (except, maybe Commander, because… I guess Commander doesn’t get that sort of thing?)

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||Correct, and I do have some knowledge about these things but that’s G-14 classified…||

  7. Wait! Wait! Wait! If it’s retailer related, it can’t be the NX. We know that the NX isn’t coming this year. It’s probably just a new Amiibo or something, so don’t get overexcited!

      1. No, they couldn’t. There’s no reason to tell retailers the name and price before revealing it to the public. That would only open doors for leaks. After the console has been revealed, there’s still plenty of time to discuss all the details with retailers.

        1. I disagree. If you’re about to reveal a new piece of hardware, it would be ideal for it to be available for preorder the moment you’re done revealing it. Imagine if at the end of the NX reveal Nintendo says “You can go online right now or visit your local retailer to preorder the NX.” That way there would be no in-between time to allow hype to wear off. To make that happen, Nintendo would have to give retailers information ahead of time.

          As for leaks, that’s what NDAs are for.

        2. Telling 3rd parties about the console opens the door for leaks, too, but they haven’t leaked anything yet. Least not directly. If Nintendo doesn’t like the leaks, they should just get ahead of them & reveal the damn thing already.

          1. 3rd parties and retailers are not the same damn thing! 3rd parties need to know the console before the reveal, so they can develop for it. Retailers don’t need to know anything about the system before reveal. They don’t need months of preparation just to put a box in a shelf!

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  10. “We’d like to announce Metroid Federation Force for mobile, and it’s sequel for the NX as a launch title! Thanks for coming all the way to Europe everyone!”

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