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Pokémon GO Player Gets Assaulted Live On Twitch

Streaming Pokémon GO on Twitch has become popular among fans of the game. However, one player ran into danger while filming himself searching for Pokémon. While Rickeybot streamed his progress in the game, he was approached and assaulted by a mugger. Most shocking of all is that he continued streaming as he was confronted. A recording of the incident has even been uploaded to YouTube. The fact that the mugger’s face is seen so clearly in video will surely help the police tackle the crime.



    1. ||What lesson can you silly humans learn from this? I’ll grant you immunity for 1 hour…||

    1. The guy who mugged him was still streaming. He took the streamer’s camera and phone and ran with it as it was still streaming

  1. Well… i know it was wrong for this guy to attack him that way, but you can’t seriously go out in the streets at night by yourself saying you are playing Pokemon Go while recording yourself and letting everyone know you have that phone and whatever he used to record himself. That’s just asking to be mugged…
    You can’t do that in California, you can’t do that in Baja California nor anywhere… especially in New York City (a friend pf mine lives there and tells me its tough over there)… my lady got her phone robbed once when she was calling her mother and there were even people near her that didn’t do a thing to help her, now imagine doing that at night… something worse could have happened to her.
    Let’s just be glad that this guy learned his lesson and that he gets better soon.
    I play Pokemon Go, but i know when and where to do it….

      1. I know… you can’t go outside without worrying if someone will attack you or something…
        I mean i can protect myself thanks to learning how to fight and all, but that doesn’t work agains guns…

      1. No one deserves any bad to them, that being said, would you just walk into traffic fully knowing its full of cars that can hurt you? of course you wont, the same can be said about certain parts of NY. (or any state or City for that matter) It sucks, but it isnt safe. Specially at night. Im not saying the kid deserved it, but damn, learn your city and what parts are actually safe to be in.

    1. That’s why I always travel with someone if I’m ever going somewhere at night. I live in a small town and even then it feels ominous to go around by your lonesome.

    2. Toronto it’s perfectly fine. I’ve been all over the city at night by myself playing on my phone! Great reasons not to move to the states I guess. Well… there’s that and Trump. Hah!

      1. I never been there so i can’t really say how it is there, just mentioning what my friend said to me once.
        Btw, i live in San Diego, love the States but as there is crime back in Mexico, there is also crime here so there is no safe place anywhere…. been robbed here and there… so fuck my life huh?

    1. ||Superheroes wouldn’t change a thing other than a delusion of hope and unity…||

    1. ||Probably Xbot trolls like always since racists are often found among Xbots…||

        1. ||Those outdated apes are just simply pathetic, there are only very few humans that are acceptable as a semi-higher entity, Samus Aran doesn’t count because she is far beyond humans…||

          ||While humans despise diversity, we Ing welcome it…||

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  2. And I thought the train suicide that happened today was shocking.

    At least this makes things easier for that bastard to be put behind bars.

  3. @Andrew… how did getting mugged by playing pokemon go at night turned into rape? You know what i said is true, you don’t go outside in the middle of the night with expensive stuff by yourself and not expect someone to jump at you. You have to be cautious all the time when by yourself.
    Crime doesn’t forgive people, it doesn’t care for gender….
    The dressing thing on a woman, only sick people think on that kind of stuff (not saying you are sick just mentioning those that use that excuse).
    Going back to the subject, you know we live in hard times and no one is safe in the outside world, not even inside of your house is safe. How do you expect not to get robbed if you are by yourself showing your expensive stuff…
    This guy already has learned a very valuable lesson…. or maybe not.

  4. Not only is the thief a loser but a complete moron, too! Did you not notice he was using his camera on his phone, dumbshit!? Apparently this fucktard never heard of streaming which is instantaneous. Anyway, he is the type of criminal cops love the most: dumb & stupid. Thanks for making the cops’ job in arresting your loser ass easier, bitch!

    1. ||Except the police in that pathetic human country are just as stupid and savage as thid imbecile…||

  5. Racist comments are needed. They show the true America .

    Instead of picking out the “good” comments,They should promote and broadcast the racist ones more to show how America really feels about other races, and religions.

    And oh, that’s how America is.. Dude gets robbed playing Pokemon go in the streets.

    And I could get shot by a cop while playing Pokemon go in the street. It’s crazy.

  6. While I don’t condone the guy going out alone at night with his tech out in the open, this mugging shouldn’t have happened. Hope they catch the dumbass, and soon.

    Shame it’s come to this where virtually no one is safe. I can’t tell if there was anyone else who saw it, but if there were, I hope they tried to help the guy and stop the perp- the world could always use more heroes.

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