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Lapras Sighting In Pokémon GO Causes Chaos In Tokyo

Pokémon GO maybe a worldwide phenomenon, but it has caused some problems for police in various places across the globe. Tokyo is the latest example of local authorities having to intervene to stop the chaos caused by the game. Following the appearance of a Lapras in Tokyo’s Odaiba district, a massive crowd appeared looking for the rare monster. The event reached such a level that social media has dubbed it the “Lapras Panic”. One Twitter user even captured a video showing the huge gathering of people spilling out into the road. Police had to come to break up the crowd before anyone was hurt. While it is a shame the authorities had to become involved, we hope those ambitious Trainers got their Lapras.



      1. ||Well the cattle needs to roam free from time to time, so that we can harvest the resources we need…||

  1. Around when the game first came out, I was in a huge crowd, similar to this one, when a blastoise spawned at Downtown Park in Bellevue, Wa. There were hundreds of people stampeding across busy streets and around driving cars. I had to climb a cement wall to escape the very tightly cramped crowd. I at least caught the Blastoise XD

  2. Too bad it wasn’t Groudon. I have just such a video for the day this becomes a reality when people are stampeding about to get him/her.

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