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Europe: Retailers Will No Longer Be Able To Order Wii U Consoles After October 1st

Nintendo’s gradual shift from the Wii U to the NX continues, and now retailers are being impacted by this. According to Gameseek, “retailers in the UK are being asked to put their final orders in for the Wii U”. They explained later in their article, saying that “Nintendo is now taking final orders on Wii U consoles. Those that haven’t ordered by the end of next week (Friday September 30) will not be able to order the Wii U again from Nintendo”. They say that it’s just UK retailers, but additional details provided in a tweet suggest that Nintendo isn’t planning this October 1st deadline for only them. There, it’s said that the deadline applies “in most European countries”.

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51 thoughts on “Europe: Retailers Will No Longer Be Able To Order Wii U Consoles After October 1st”

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||This only applies to the UK mostly so even if the entire European territory doesn’t sell them anymore, the other 2 will continue, ergo not lying…||

    2. The said that they will still support the console, not that they will keep selling it. Maybe that’s an indication that the NX will be backwards compatible.

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  2. I want to use a Titanic analogy but maybe that would be in bad taste considering the Titanic’s first & last voyage departed from a European country. :o

  3. Remember when Nintendo said something along the lines of the NX not being a replacement for the WiiU and how both systems will be able to co-exist? Haha. I do remember.

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||This doesn’t negate anything yet, they basically meant weaponry only plus this only concerns Europe…||

      ||Plus they obviously didn’t mean co-existence for years, it could easily mean just a few months…||

      1. Not to be Capt. Obvious, but if they stop selling the console to retailers next month, they won’t be coexisting for a few months at all, especially with all software development having stopped on the Wii U, as it seems.

        Just like with the DS, this was just Nintendo trying to not make it look like they’re abandoning an older console despite it being pretty damn clear that they are. Please don’t try to twist their words to somehow make it anything more than them flat out lying for marketing purposes.

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||I’m not twisting anything, and like both me and the report states, this only applies to the EU territory, their weakest stronghold…||

          ||So until they declare the same thing in NA and Japan then our point still stands…||

  4. This Announcement i say…. Nothing! i’m not an upgrade freak I still think the Wii u has life and I’ll continue to support it Plus it will mean the games will be easier to get So fuck you Nintendo I’m sticking with my Wii U

    I’m not a sonyian or xbox lover but Nintendo lied to us all saying the Nx “IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR WII U !” Laughs maniacally, did anybody really buy that load of bullshit?

    1. I can’t believe people thought otherwise. Nintendo has said things like that more than once before. It makes me laugh anyone keeps believing the same marketing statement to further sales until their new product comes out.

  5. I think it’s a strategic mistake. We saw it with the wii and wii u. Nintendo did the same thing and the wii u was not selling. Nintendo keep the Nx secret cause they are afraid the press going to bash the bleeming thing. Now the wii u games going to he very expensive (like they are not already) and with the scorpion and PS4 neo coming as well, the Nx whatever it is should be really something out of this world. Now I have to rush and buy bayonetta and wonderful 101 before the become a collector item.

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  7. Leave it to NinFuckDo to kill a console before anouncing the next one. This is like death of Wii online all over again. Sorry Nintendo but you don’t have m support for NX. Unless you pump out massively on the games I won’t even consider NX at the end of the generation.

  8. If the NX really ISN’T backward compatible with Wii U games, then stopping production of the Wii U so soon is surprising. Nobody that doesn’t already have a Wii U will ever be able to play any of the Wii U’s greatest games. But I know Nintendo’s strategy. They’ll eventually offer Wii U games on the NX virtual console and expect people to buy them AGAIN if they want to play them on the NX. NO THANK YOU, NINTENDO.

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